Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In case you were wondering what a radioactive iguana tastes like

If you've been reading the Jannaverse for many years, you know I love hot spicy things.
There is no such thing as too hot.

Because of this, sometimes people decide to be awesome and give me hot sauce or other hot things for presents.

For example, Gwen gave me Black Mamba and chutney, Brad gave me a collection of various sauces, Jason went to Ethiopia and brought me some mitmita, Joe sent some industrial strength cayenne powder, and Morgian gave me a jar of homemade salsa.
Morgian also got me some Blair's Death Rain and some Death Rain Habanero chips.

It's possible they're all trying to kill me, but I'm choosing instead to believe that they're nice people with a healthy balance between altruism and schadenfreude.

Tuesday at wind symphony rehearsal, Morgian gave me a bottle of something called "Iguana Radioactive Atomic Pepper Sauce".  (Thank you!)

Let the games begin.

The number one ingredient is habanero peppers.  The second ingredient is cayenne peppers.  The third ingredient is tabasco peppers.

Even though it's not the hottest sauce I've tried, I still like it because it's got a good habanero flavor.  And it's pleasantly addictive.  I've had the bottle for less than 24 hours, and it's already about a third of the way gone.

I've tried it on tacos, and I've tried it on chicken mixed with Sweet Asian Orange sauce (not to be confused with Agent Orange, which is something else entirely).

This page has reviews from other people who have tried it.
As you can see, opinions varied widely.

One person thought it was so mild it wasn't even worth trying.

Other people thought it was wonderful.

And one person who thought it was "too hot" said this:
"My ass is like the Japanese flag."


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