Thursday, February 21, 2008

Morgen and Morgian

I have two friends whose names rhyme with "organ", and I love them both.

First there is Morgen, who has the much-beloved blog known as "It's A Blog Eat Blog World". He had a truly lousy year in 2007, and is hoping that 2008 holds some serious improvements.

Five Ways Things Could Have Been
WORSE for Morgen in 2007:
1. Poisonous snakes could have crawled out of his ass
He could have lapsed into a drunken stupor and gotten a tattoo that says
"I Heart Dubya"
While falling on the ice last winter, he could have fallen through the earth and come out in the middle of the ocean somewhere on the opposite side of the globe, immediately getting swallowed up by some giant sea creature we haven't yet discovered

Poisonous snakes could have crawled INTO his ass

We could exist in a world without chocolate.

As most of you know, Morgen had a birthday recently. On February 19th, he turned 41. Morgen, I hope the day went beautifully for you, I hope this year has lots of wonderful surprises for you, and I hope you know how loved you are. :)

Then there's Morgian, who I see almost every week at band and ABC group. Morgian is a very "unique" individual who loves doing freaky things just for the heck of it. She's like me, only with a much better figure and NO inhibitions. It is so much fun to be around her, because you never know what she's going to do or say next. I feel so normal by comparison! (Pause to carefully consider that statement!)
And she brought me some presents on Tuesday!
She knows I love hot spicy things, so she got me a shaker of "Blair's Death Rain."
This is seriously good stuff. Hot and delicious. I blogged about it back in September 2006. Such a yummy, yummy burn. Happy, happy taste buds screaming in joyous pain. Flavor that makes my eyes water with happiness. If you love hot things, I highly recommend this.

Here are the ingredients: "Red Savina, Cayenne, Garlic, Onion, Paprika, Salt, Celery Seed, Rosemary, Oregano."

Red Savina is recognized as the world's hottest pepper. It's in the Guinness Book Of World Records, and is twice as hot as a habanero.

Morgian also got me a bag of Blair's Death Rain potato chips!! I blogged about those too, in that same post. The bag I'd previously tried back in 2006 wasn't very hot, but the one I tried on Tuesday was much better. Still not quite as hot as the stuff that comes right out of the shaker, but still pretty darn good. I love this!
The shaker comes with a skull keychain. (See it in the picture?)
How cute!
The shaker of Blair's Death Rain is the second-hottest gift I have ever gotten. (The very hottest was the collection of sauces that Fab sent me last October.)
You know me... the hotter the better.
Thanks, Morgian! :)


Tenacious B said...

I think I started drooling on myself.

Not to be nitpicky (cuz I am), but I don't see habanero on the ingredient list, and that's the flavor listed on the bottle. Texans love their habs, and they could've at least thrown some in for good measure.

jus sayin

Morgiana Le Fey said...

aww shucks sugar tits you know i always try to take care of ya...and you said such nice things of me...*sniff* just...brings a tear to my eye...*sniffsniff* oh wait that's just blair's chip residue that was on my finger...mmmmm yummy!

Mo said...

Well, yesterday seemed like #1 & #4 on your list for me...
but at least I didn't find #2 this morning.... I mean the tattoo, and not number two, if you know what I mean, because after yesterday I have no number two left...
Anyway, thanks for the twisted Jannaversian B-day shout out...

Janna said...

TenaciousB: From what I understand, Red Savina IS a type of Habanero. It's just been specially bred to be twice as hot as a normal Habanero.

Morgian: So far, you are the first person in 2008 to call me "Sugar Tits."

Morgen: You could also consider a tattoo that says "I have poisonous snakes coming out of my ass."

Pand0ra Wilde said...

I used to love the hot stuff, now even tho I still like it, once it hits my system it begins plans for a mass break-out from my stomach. It's just not worth it anymore.

Lynda said...

I find that most stuff they say is "hot" isn't really that hot.

Where should I send the Stupid Hot sauce?

Janna said...

Pandora: Awww! Sorry to hear that!

Lynda: Ahhh! Send it here:

Padraigin said...

Janna! you and my son need to get together! heh..he too loves hot stuff! When he was a sophmore in HS he at a habanero on a dare from his TEACHER (stupid ass lol). If you want hot stuff let me know..I used to live in San Antonio and have family there..they are the habanero kings! lol..have you tried the Kick Yo ass hot line?

Hope you're doing's actually not frigid today!

Janna said...

Padraigin: Habaneros are delicious! I love hot food but hate hot weather. And yet, the older I get, the more I hate bitter cold weather too. I was happy enough today... what was it? Upper 20's, lower 30's?? This is my comfort zone. None of that below-zero stuff, though.

Turnbaby said...

I love habaneros. I like the complex heat that comes from them. Jalepenos seem juvenile compared to habaneros.

So you've had Dave's Insanity right?

Janna said...

Turnbaby: Yes, Dave's Insanity sauce is good too.