Monday, September 18, 2006

Hot Things

I found some Jay's Extra-Hot chips today!
They were at a Speedway convenience store in Coldwater, Michigan.
I found three bags in stock, and bought all three.
(Remember, they're only available in the little 99-cent size, which is presumably the largest dose they expect any human to endure at one sitting).
So hooray! I found them!

I also found this great blog by someone who calls herself "The Chippie". She seems to have the same tastes I do, as far as "HOT" things go. I love the story about how she tortured her little sister with a jalapeno pepper. I agree with her that the "Flamin' Hot" chips are really not all that hot at all. Best of all is her list of ten ways to tell whether something qualifies as "HOT" or not. I agree completely! Rock on, sister!

Years ago there was this wonderful seasoning in a shaker. It was called "Blair's Death Rain." I loved it. It was this wonderful habanero stuff that made my eyes water and my nose run. I cried happy tears. I loved it. Did I mention I loved it? I loved it. Well, years later I found a brand of potato chips that claimed to be seasoned with "Blair's Death Rain." Imagine my disappointment when I tried them and found that they were nowhere NEAR as hot as the stuff in the shaker. It was as if they "dumbed them down" so the general public could tolerate them.
The general public is weak, weak, weak.

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Morgen said...

you're right: the chippie's story of torturing her little red-headed sister with a jalepeno is a classic. I needed that good laugh tonight.
thanks for the link, chippette