Thursday, June 13, 2013

The answer is "D"

Which of the following did I do today?

(A) Hugged a cat while partially dressed and had to take a lint roller to my bra afterward

(B) Wished the guy driving in front of me would spontaneously disappear (or grow more brain cells... either is fine.  Just please hurry up.)

(C) Daydreamed about sleeping

(D) All of the above

 Yes, it's true.
Thankfully, the lint roller worked just fine.
Be sure to read yesterday's post about the atomic hot sauce.
You'll never see the Japanese flag in quite the same way ever again.



Anonymous said...

I've done A and C minus the lint roller...

Janna said...

Grace: I highly recommend the lint roller.

g-man said...

May we see how good of a job it REALLY did?
Show and tell Baby!!
Loved your personal grooming 55
Thanks for playing
You are like being stopped at the Mall to try out a new product
And that new product happens to be BACON Bits and Peanut Butter!
Have a Kick Ass Week End

Margaret said...

Ha! This spring I spent many hours brushing my horse's winter coat out. Once I went grocery shopping and got home and realized I looked like I had a hairy chest! Horses and Bunnies are cute, but not on the chest.

We have something in common! I daydream about sleeping...

Alice Audrey said...

Good thing he lent roller worked. It could be itchy otherwise.

As to the road rage, I like to take pictures of the idiots in front of me. Sometimes they catch me at it and change the way they are driving.

Lily Strange said...

I only wear sports bras, and even those are too much to bear after a night of work. I'm always quick to put on a t-shirt before any cats have a chance to stomp on my chest!

Brian Miller said...

personally i am always hoping for spontaneous combustion.....smiles. it would be cool to see...

Janna said...

g-man: As long as the bacon and peanut butter aren't mixed together...

Margaret: I didn't realize horses could shed that much!

Alice: What a great idea!

Lily: This was a sort of sports bra too. Spandex.

Brian: There are days when spontaneous combustion sounds like a GREAT idea!