Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's have a "Retro" day....

Things I posted back in May 2007:

1. I told you the one word that will almost always make me laugh.

2. Important Theoretical Astrophysics Moment....

3. The reaction to this post has always stumped me. I remember I had no clue what to blog about that day, so I just quickly threw together some nonsense about a fan club. It took less than a minute to write. I got A TON of comments. In contrast, other posts I spent a lot of time creating have gotten no comments at all. Life makes no sense.

4. Important thought which is just as true now as it was four years ago. I can almost taste it.... which is unfortunate, because it's about the bathroom.

5. A blue picture of me

6. Hurry up and have a picnic before someone invents this.

7. The reason I hated "Tropical Pepsi".


Marilyn said...

I was looking at the post that got lots of comments and I'm thinking, sometimes people read and appreciate but have no idea what to say. When you ask for appreciation, they know what to say. Maybe that's it?

Janna said...

Marilyn: Maybe. It's hard to tell whether I'm appreciated or tolerated. LOL.