Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How to make me laugh, if you're too lazy to tell a joke

The word “Mart” always cracks me up. It just sounds so absurd to me, when uttered all by itself.
Mart! ...LOL!
Say the word “Mart” ten times and try not to laugh.
I can’t do it.
Monosyllabic comedy gold.


Lynda said...


Desert Songbird said...

Rhymes with...FART!

Cincy Diva said...

I love when they just add it onto a word to make it a store,


metalmom said...

There was a young man named Mart
Who thought he was terribly smart
He went into the loo
and tried to make pooh
but instead of a shit it was fart!

onionboy said...

romeo romeo, where MART thou romeo?

Meloncutter said...

Darn it. I popped open the comments to make some rude fart comments and everyone else is all over it like stink on crap.

I will just take my farts elsewhere.

Later Y'all

jdoriot said...

Yep...that is funny! I thought about it rhyming with fart also!

Morgen said...

Cincy: you forgot Diva-Mart
fabulous gowns for plus-sized divas!
Ooooh, I'll take that sequined number in a size ---- nevermind.

Travis said...

I'll join the parade...


Michael said...

Never even occurred to me it rhymed with fart, honest.

"Pickle-Mart" you made that up cincy didn't ya?

Janna said...

Lynda: Actually it's funniest when there are no prefixes. Just plain old "Mart". Mart!

Desert Songbird: Yes. Yes it does! Mart!

Cincy Diva: I know! Isn't that cute? Although it's funniest all by itself. Mart!

Metalmom: Nice! Glad I could inspire you. Mart!

Onionboy: I'm surprised you didn't say "Where Mart thou Natalie..." Mart!

Meloncutter: Your farts are always welcome here. Please stay. Mart!

Jdoriot: Great minds think alike! Mart!

Morgen: Lee can sew one for you! Mart!

Travis: Yay! Mart!

Michael: Wouldn't it be cool if there really was a pickle mart? Pickles of all shapes and sizes! Of course, it's not the size that counts, it's the... well, normally it would be the size, but maybe with pickles the bumpiness could come in handy. Mart!

Lynda said...

If you pause, then it sounds like Mart is all by itself.

Janna said...

Lynda: Wal.........Mart! Hey, yeah, you're right!

Morgen said...

so, do you think I should change the name of the Wren's Nest to Mo-Mart?

Janna said...

Morgen: Just a sec... I'm too busy laughing at the name "Mo-Mart"...

Leeuna said...

Hey, doesn't anybody do K-Mart anymore? I think that was the very first Mart I can remember. And yeah you're right "Mart" does kinda tickle the funnybone. mart, mart, mart, bwahahahh.

(I followed you over from MikeWJ's blog. Hope you don't mind.) I love the title of your blog. It's so creative.

Leeuna from My Mind Wandered

Janna said...

Leeuna: Welcome! Yes, I think K-Mart was my very first "mart" too. They're hard to find these days; it seems like Wal-Mart has taken everyone over. :(