Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Little Red Corvette

Ok, actually it was a little red Chevy Cavalier.

I had it a few years ago… maybe 6 years ago?

There’s a rumor that cops give more speeding tickets to drivers of RED cars than any other color. I am living proof that this is true. That Cavalier was the only red car I have ever owned. I drove it the same way I’ve driven any other car I’ve had.

And yet I got so many speeding tickets with it that the State sent me a letter, saying that if I got one more ticket I would lose my license.

Eventually I moved on to a different car (I get hand-me-down vehicles from my parents), and like magic the tickets stopped. I haven’t had a red car since then, and I haven’t had a speeding ticket since then.

Stupid cops.


Steven said...

I used to have a secretary who swore red cars were some sign of the devil and that they carried this evil energy that doomed them to speeding tickets and crashes. I guess that clears it all up, huh?

onionboy said...

no red cars here, i want a sedan that blends in and i can drive it fast. vroom vroom.

did i mention i am the big winner of the jannaverse quiz?

Matt-Man said...

I've heard that about red cars. My point? I really dont have one. Cheers!!

Lynda said...

We have a red car. It is a POS. I think the cops laugh as we drive by.

Plus, I tell my husband it is the wrong color red.

Desert Songbird said...

Where I live, WHITE is the color of choice for cars. At least, if you're smart. Black looks sexy, but it's not a practical choice.

Three years ago, hubby asked me what were my top three color choices for my new car. I responded, "White, white, and, uh, white."

Don't see a lot of red cars out here.

Marilyn said...

I had a red Lumina Euro that I really liked for almost two years. Never got a speeding ticket cause I'm a nerd and never speed, but I was rearended by a pickup whos owner had no insurance (I think he'd donated his brain to science also, but that's another story).

Turnbaby said...

I've had two red cars in my life.

I totaled the first one

The second one I got two speeeding tickets and one ticket for rolling through a stop sign.

None since getting rid of that car

Morgen said...

now I have little red corvette stuck in my head....

Travis said...

Red is the signature color for Mustang. But since I'm a T-Bird guy, I'll have a black one so I won't have to worry so much about the red car ticket syndrome.

If that made sense, they have another cocktail.

Janna said...

Steve: Crystal clear!

Onionboy: We noticed! :)

Matt-man: That's ok; I'm used to you not having a point. It's part of your charm. :)

Lynda: The wrong color red?

Desert Songbird: I get it... because black would absorb more of the heat, and white absorbs less. Very wise.

Marilyn: I think I know some people who have donated their brains to science as well... which is a shame because they should still be USING them instead.

Turnbaby: See? That's what I'm saying!

Morgen: Then my work here is done!

Travis: It made no sense at all, but I'll go ahead and have another cocktail anyway.

Lynda said...

See, that's what my husband says. It is a metallic deep red color, kind of like, well, I want to say a deep blood red. I think the cops go after the fire engine/racing/cherry red cars.

Janna said...

Lynda: Interesting theory.... my Cavalier WAS a fire engine red...