Thursday, June 30, 2011

How many shades of green is it supposed to be?

Lianne gestured wildly to her friend Sam as she described the ordeal.

"So then I tried finding saffron and fennel, but all I had was oregano. And my blender broke. And the bleu cheese was three shades of green."

"So you gave up?"

"Yes," Lianne sighed. "That's why my breath smells like Chicken McNuggets now."


Brian Miller said...

chicken nuggets, not bad, i just wonder how much of it is chicken...

Alice Audrey said...

LOL. I think I might have tried whatever ended up in the blender, green or not.

Monkey Man said...

Rather Blue Cheese Breath than McNugget Mouth.

G-Man said...

If I didn't Love McNuggets so much, I'd have thought that this would be a sad story.
Loved your 55 as well
Thanks for playing, You are like that Last bottle of Heinz Ketchup in the pantry, after cooking up a batch of Homemade French Fries.
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

moondustwriter said...

I'm a three shades of green kinda vegan
Janna and smiles...

Happy 4th of July

Jingle said...

visual last line,

beautiful 55.
bless your weekend.

Olivia said...


I would take anything that comes with added extra oregano!

Sunday hugs xx

Janna said...

Brian: Hopefully at least 50%.

Alice: You're braver than I am. :)

MonkeyMan: I'll take the McNuggets.

G-Man: It was definitely a happy ending. :)

moondustwriter: I tried being vegan for one week as a weird experiment. I swear it just about killed me. Glad it works for you, though!

Jingle: Thanks for visiting!

Olivia: I love oregano too! And fennel, and basil, and lots of garlic.