Monday, December 15, 2008

Will you still love me if I repeat myself?

This week's Manic Monday theme is "candle".
I love scented candles, and I know I've posted various things about them in the past.

For example, here are some things I've said:

1. February 26, 2008:
"If there was a scented candle called "The sweat of my enemies as they scream whilst falling to their deaths into a deep dark giant pit", I think it would be quite popular. There could even be matching air fresheners for the car. And bathroom spray."

2. Random item mentioned on March 9, 2007:
"Blueberry scented candle in a corner of the Emergency Room, recently removed from an unmentionable orifice on some unfortunate person named Phil. (Hint: The candle is no longer quite as blueberry-scented as it used to be.)"

3. And this is from September 30, 2008:
"I hate cheap candles that don't have any scent at all. Especially when they claim to have a scent. The only thing they're good for is returning to the manufacturer and shoving into his various orifices while you shout 'Can you smell it now? How about NOW?'"

4. On June 26, 2008, I mentioned the possibility of lighting a candle to mourn the loss of the Chicken Club Chalupa from the Taco Bell menu.

But the first thing I thought of, while wondering what to post for today, was this cartoon I showed you back on January 3, 2007... almost two years ago:



Da Old Man said...

I noticed you seem to have created a candle/butt theme today.
If I only had taken just one more psychology class in college, I may have been able to draw a conclusion of some sort.

Jamie said...

Did a bit of a retread myself today, but that candle for enemies is certainly intriguing and would undoubtedly be very popular.

Lynda said...

I thought it was Sunday today!

That cartoon is great.

Janna said...

DaOldMan: I noticed that too, after I posted it... Here's hoping it's just a strange coincidence, huh?

Jamie: I wonder what it would cost!

Lynda: I always end up posting Manic Monday on Sunday night... that way I can go to bed not having to worry about posting early the next morning. :)

ettarose said...

Iloved the cartoon. I like candles but you have come up with some interesting new scents.I am glad you never said Glahday.

whall said...

I looked back on the posts that I had with candles in them and yours are better

There's even a DITL with the candle theme (Jaden's scientific experiment).

Trukindog said...

LMAO and Jesse wants to know where we can get some of these Aroma Therapy Candles

Trukindog said...
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Anonymous said...

I think it's wrong for humans to expect candles to give both scent AND light. It's too much to ask, I tells ya. Pick one!!

anthonynorth said...

I will retire to bed with some of those scents - and have nightmares ;-)
Fun post.

just a girl... said...

this is cracking me up. and I love random thoughts I think they are great. cute freaking post

Janna said...

Ettarose: The cartoon cracks me up because I keep imagining the "next" scene where the dog reaches out for one and starts sniffing. :)

Whall: I remember the candle experiment! It was cool!

Trukindog: Maybe you could take Jesse into the Hallmark store and ask the lady at the desk.. :)

XUP: I demand both! Must have both!

AnthonyNorth: Sweet dreams!

JustAGirl: Glad I could crack you up. :)