Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is bacon a vegetable yet?

The good news is that the world survived May 21, despite predictions to the contrary.
The bad news is that this means I have to keep my promise and go vegetarian for a week.

It's ok.

I've inflicted this on myself before, during other times when I desperately needed something to blog about. (To read about my other veggie-week experiments, click here and scroll down.)
Once I even tried going vegan for an entire week, which is... well, maybe I shouldn't think too much about that. The nightmares will come back.

But "regular" vegetarianism is do-able for a week. I can still have eggs and dairy products, so that gives me a lot to work with.

Here's what usually what happens during this thing: I try new stuff, I blog about whether I liked it (or whether it wasn't even fit to end up in my septic tank), and I mention all the delicious meaty savory yummy things I'm craving but can't have. Sometimes I drool.

Mostly I try to make the best of it, with (hopefully) enough humor to make it palatable.

In the past, I tried such culinary oddities as fake chicken, fake BBQ ribs, organic pesto tortellini, meatless ground "meat", and soy milk. (Plus many more!) (Surprisingly, the soy milk wasn't bad, and the tortellini was delicious.)

This time I plan to try other new things. So stay tuned. If nothing else, you can experience a lovely week of schadenfreude and bask in my deprivation while you sit back and bite into a couple of smoky juicy bacon double-cheeseburgers.

I live to serve.

Today, I had.....

-- Fresh blueberries
-- Fresh strawberries
-- High-fiber yogurt flavored like Key Lime Pie. (Surprisingly, it's nowhere near as bad as it sounds. I actually like it.)
-- Grape tomatoes

-- Bean & cheese burrito with fresh homemade garlic-habanero salsa
..... (The salsa was homemade by a friend, and it is awesome!)
-- Tomatoes
-- Diet Pepsi
-- Small soft-serve ice cream cone (Hey, even vegetarians need dessert.)

-- Macaroni & cheese
-- GardenVeggie Burger on a whole wheat/whole grain bun
-- Lowfat milk

Late Night Snack
-- Fresh Strawberries & Blueberries


MorningAJ said...

There are so many things that you can eat that don't have meat in them (don't get me wrong here - I'm a carnivore, I just like a meat-free 'something' now and again) that you don't have to do fake things and substitutes. And you REALLY don't have to sink to mac and cheese!

Try eating vegetables for their own sake. A good vegetable biryani (curry) or maybe a pea and asparagus risotto, or even (heaven help us!) roasted vegetables with garlic.

Then there's goat's cheese and spinach pizza, home made onion and potato soup, tortilla LOADS of stuff!

Monkey Man said...

Don't forget the Beano.

Janna said...

MorningAJ: LOL. But I LIKE mac & cheese. There's no sinking involved, I promise. :) As for vegetables, I find that I prefer eating them raw, instead of cooked in recipes. I like raw carrots, and they're ok in stir-fries, but I start to dislike them once they're cooked to the point of softness. Same goes for celery and carrots and green peppers... and almost any other vegetable. I think it's safe to say that most of this week's vegetables will be eaten raw. But I guess that's more healthful anyway, right? They'll look so pretty next to my macaroni & cheese. ;)

MonkeyMan: The world is a far more interesting place without Beano... (!)