Monday, February 15, 2010

Cows are already starting to feel more comfortable in my presence

I have officially tried the meatless ground meat!

I used it as a topping for crispy tortilla pizzas:

Take 2 tortillas (I used tomato basil ones), top them with spaghetti sauce and the meatless ground stuff, then top with shredded parmesan cheese. (Because I'm a freak, I like tabasco sauce on mine too). Bake until crispy. Voila!

It tastes pretty much like pizza with ground beef on it. I should probably have mixed the "meat" with the sauce first instead of sprinkling it on top, because it did come out slightly dry. But other than that, it really wasn't bad at all.

Next I plan to try it in something Mexican.

Tomorrow is "Fat Tuesday", which means there will be paczki everywhere. I'm looking forward to that! And since they're meatless, I'll be able to have a hundred trillion of them and still call myself a vegetarian.
(Curiously, the same thing is true of Twinkies.)

Day 1:

Lots of hot tea

2 Veggie Burgers on multi-grain "thin buns" (yum!)
Havarti cheese w/caraway (super yum!)
More tea

More tea
More kumquats*

2 Tortilla pizzas with meatless ground meat

Rolo (chocolate covered caramel thingy)
Glass of milk


*It's fun to say the word "kumquat" over and over again.


Collette said...

What exactly is in "meatless meat"? Being Polish, I am looking forward to paczki day tomorrow. Instead of meat, we use kasha, which is buckwheat. My babcia buys it cracked, soaks it, kind of like dried beans, I guess, & then we can fry it up (Polish people fry almost everything-BAD) with onions & butter. But she made stuffed cabbage with it last year & it was awesome!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...


P.S. I love those Polish donut thingys. But they call them something else here in Denver. I can't remember the name. Some of them have meat, and one of my faves and my neice's faves is the sausage and gravy Polish donut thingy, whatever it's called. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Oh so very healthy! Aren't you the good one?

Nessa said...

You make it sound soooo good when you call it "the meatless ground stuff." Yum.

; )



Janna said...

Collette: It's mostly made out of soy-based stuff, I guess. If you click on the link I posted, it'll take you to a site which has a list of the ingredients.

MikeWJ: (Kumquat!) Wow, they make sausage gravy donuts? Really? Is it sad that I think that actually sounds pretty good?

Grace: And I even used high-fiber tortillas! Imagine that! :)

Nessa: LOL! I know! :) Makes ya wanna run right out and buy some, doesn't it?

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

No, not sad! Sausage and gravy Polish donut thingys (I still can't remember what we call them here) are amazing. They will change your life. You can't be lonely or scared or sad if you have sausage and gravy Polish donut thingys. I wish I could send you some, but I'm afraid they'd get soggy and spoil before they get there.

Janna said...

MikeWJ: Here it is over a month later, and I still think Sausage and gravy Polish donut thingys sound pretty darn good. I want some.
(P.S. Kumquat!)