Sunday, February 14, 2010

The sound you hear is the thundering approach of meatless meat

Awhile back I asked if anyone had any interest in seeing me try another vegetarian week.
Absolutely zero people voted for it, but guess what!
I'm doing it anyway! :)

As with last time, I'm doing this just for the heck of it, not because of any anti-meat beliefs or health concerns. I just like to confuse myself now and then, plus it's something to complain blog about.

So, from Monday 2/15/10 through Sunday 2/21/10, I'll let you all know how things are going. The entire post may not be about that topic, but at the very least I'll mention what I ate that day, and what I thought of the new things I tried.

If I start having hallucinations about flying barbecued giraffe livers, I'll be sure to mention that too.

Incidentally, I've already bought most of my groceries for this escapade, including the following which I'm curious about trying:

Meatless ground meat: I guess this can be used with tacos or spaghetti sauce. Time will tell. For right now, I'm just amused at the idea of "meatless ground meat". If I remember correctly, Gwen uses a variety of this called "Just Like Ground". Gwen, tell me... what do you DO with it??

Meatless BBQ ribs: Previously I would have assumed this refers to just a bottle of BBQ sauce, but apparently there's actually some solid meat-like formation to it also.

Stay tuned. I'll post more later.

P.S. I wonder if they make meatless flying BBQ giraffe livers.


MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I'm guessing those ribs taste pretty good. First of all, they're smothered in BBQ sauce, which makes dirt taste pretty good. Second, they're made with a combination of texturized soy and seitan, which sounds evil but actually has a fairly "meaty" bite to it. I used to eat seitan deli "meat," and I liked it. Not as much as real meat, but it wasn't half bad. Oh, and for the record, I voted against this experiment of yours, but good luck.

Janna said...

MikeWJ: Seitan DOES sound evil. Hopefully it's the delicious kind of evil. And yesssss, I distinctly remember you being the only person to mention vege-week at ALL in that post... imagine my discouragement when you tried to talk me out of it. :o
But then I said to myself "Wait, maybe it's 'opposite day' and he really meant to hurry up and try some meatless flying BBQ giraffe livers! What are we waiting for?"

Nessa said...

We could never do this. My husband would think I was trying to poison him.

Microfiction Monday

Anonymous said...

First, last and only experience with those Morning Star veggie burgers. They tasted horrible( even the dog wouldn't eat 'em! ); and had upset stomach and bowels for two days...

Good luck and bon appetit!

Gwenhwyfar said...

hahaha... I totally thought I commented in favour when you talked about doing it but I may have been hallucinating.
Just like Ground is a product made by Yves, ( ) they make lots of meatless things that taste pretty good. As far as what I do with it - I use it in lots of things. For the record, on its own, it's alright but it's MUCH better used in things. I put it in chili, soups, taco filling, spaghetti sauce and I make "hamburger" and rice with it a lot (otherwise known as faux-burger and rice). The "deli slices" they make are good too and the pepperoni is awesome on pizza (no grease and almost no fat).
Two more things.
First, I've never had any of the morning star, mostly because when I hear the name I think of the weapon ( ) and a weapon designed to crush skulls isn't what I like equating food with. So I can't vouch for them.
Second, word to the wise - DO NOT EAT THE VEGGIE BACON. Yves makes a canadian bacon that's not bad but under no circumstances should "veggie bacon" be confused with "food".
Actually, on second thought, try it. I'd like to read that blog entry. Maybe you could try that and then beggin' strips and compair the two.

Akannie said...

LMAO...Oh,'re killing me here.

I eat vegetarian meals a lot, but I will almost never eat that fake meat shit. It's just SeventhDayAdventist wrong. And nasty.

Wishing you some good luck in this experiment. I'd hate to see you chasing after those flying bbq'd giraffe livers... or would I ???


Janna said...

Nessa: LOL! Now THAT would make a fun blog post!

Subby: I'm not fond of the patties that are beef-like (the ones that are meant to visually resemble an actual hamburger), but I LOVE the "garden patty" ones. They're made of ground up vegetables and seasonings, and that's clearly what they look like too. Really quite good. They sometimes make me fart, but I've chosen to see that as a bonus.

Gwen: Interesting! I love MorningStar farms veggie patties so I'm anxious to try the "ground" stuff and the BBQ stuff. My mother warned me to stay away from the pepperoni at all costs. I've never tried the Yves brand; not sure if we have it down here.

Akannie: LOL!! I love the phrase "SeventhDayAdventist wrong". You crack me up. :)

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

It was opposite day, it was, and that's what I meant! (But what if it's also opposite day today? Does that mean my original statement stands? I'm so confused.)

Janna said...

MikeWJ: If it's opposite day today, then that must mean I'm supposed to eat a whole bunch of meat. It must also mean it's warm and summery outside, and I don't have gas at all.