Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daydreaming about nibbling on bunnies and flamingos

Welcome to another day of watching little green sprouts slowly appear in my ears, armpits, and other places I probably haven't even noticed yet.

I have developed a curious respect for all you vegetarians out there who have actually managed to make this lifestyle work.

As for me, I'm just going to come right out and admit that I am craving all sorts of things I "can't" have 'til this little experiment is over.

Some people dream of attractive, scantily clad men/women, making "snow angels" in a big pile of hundred dollar bills.

I, however, dream of BBQ ribs, cheeseburgers, bacon, barbecue chicken wings, General Tso's chicken, roast beef sandwiches, pepperoni/sausage pizza, barbecue pork sandwiches, tacos, beefy nachos, spicy Italian subs, and spaghetti & meatballs.

I won't be able to afford a trip to the grocery store til Friday. When I go, I plan to pick up some fresh fruits, like berries or kiwi or melon.
I also want to get a big loaf of garlic bread, because that sounds really good. Never mind the fact that my garlic breath will be able to repel vampires for 50 miles in each direction.

Day #3:
Breakfast: Cereal (grape-nuts) and milk
Lunch: Ramen noodles, green tea
Snack: Granola bar
Dinner: Bowl of cheesy potato soup* w/crackers,
tossed salad w/french dressing, dinner rolls w/butter, tea w/lemon


*Note: I ate dinner at a restaurant, and thought the cheesy potato soup would be a "safe" vegetarian choice. I noticed it tasted kind of smoky, as if there was ham in it. Yet I couldn't SEE any bits of ham, so I kept on eating the soup. When I got down to the bottom of the bowl, I saw that there was indeed a piece of ham in my soup. So there were probably plenty of other hammy bits I ate without realizing it. Please forgive me.

Incidentally, this dinner was eaten with mom & dad, and they both ordered tacos. Delicious, spicy, meaty, cheesy tacos which smelled SO wonderful and looked SO yummy that they had little taco-shaped halos hovering above them. Yet, I remained strong and firm in my vege-centric conviction, and I opted for soup and salad instead of those amazing tacos.

So the "ham" discovery made me want to scream. It was as if all my vigilance was for nought.

But oh well.
Tomorrow is another day, and I'm thinking of having pizza for lunch.
Yes.... pizza withOUT meat. (???!!!) It's a scary thought, but apparently such a thing really does exist.
I'll let you know how it all turns out.


Steven said...

I think the ham offense calls for yet another full week without meat!

Janna said...

Steve: (*insert disturbing insane laughter here*)

Drowsey Monkey said...

LOL ... oh dear. And yes, veggie pizza ... it's a magical mystical thing actually available in the real world! haha

I have to say - my 20 years as a vegetarian I really wasn't any healthier - but that's me. I have a way of becoming unhealthy no matter what ;) I mean let's face it. Doughnuts and cookies don't have meat in them.

Drowsey Monkey said...

I love your Mr Morton video, btw. LOL

School house rock rocked

Janna said...

DrowseyMonkey: LOL! I thought about that too! I could just eat Twinkies and McDonalds fries every day and it would still be "vegetarian"! :) For dessert, I could have a can of chocolate frosting....

Anonymous said...

Your soup reminded should read all the ingredients in those frozen dinners( some contain beef by-products!

And here's a pizza to try( go with me on this ); spinach and mushroom! Dee-lish! Of course, it helps if you actually like either or both. Broccoli and mushroom also quite tasty. Or you could wimp out and just go for the plain double cheeeeeese!!

Mike Foster said...

The more you think about the things you cannot have the more you want them. I've been happily vegetarian for years and seldom, if ever, think of meat. Ya gotta luv those veggies!


MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

You know what sounds really, really good to me right now? BBQ ribs. Not the kind you bake in your oven, but the kind that sit in a smoker for 20 hours, soaking up all that smokey sweet goodness while the fat and connective tissues break down until the juicy, tender meat practically falls off the bone when you pop the ribs into your mouth. And the taste of the meat combined with the salt and sugar and smoke and other "s" words I can't think of right now practically explodes over your tongue, making you giggle just a little because it's so good your brain can't take it all in. Wait a second! I think I just wrote a food porno. Enjoy!

Jeff said...

I love your "imaginary food collage." It looks yummy!

Hang in there. For what, I have no idea, but I like to be supportive anyway.

Janna said...

Subtorp: Nah. If I was doing this for religious or health reasons, then I might care more about what "hidden" meats are in my food. But as it is, I'm just doing this for fun. :) The ham thing was annoying at the time, but in the long run I haven't really let it bug me. :)

MikeFoster: It is definitely true that we see things we "can't have" as being more attractive. I agree.

MikeWJ: Now I need a moment alone...

Jeff: I promise to hang in there. Just think, it's already Thursday, which means my vegecidal week is more than half over already! :)

Anonymous said...

Janna, no worries and do beans count? I'm thinkin' some refried beans smothered in shredded melted cheeeese( oh wait, I had that last night :P )...

Janna said...

Subtorp: There are some bean and cheese burritos I'm planning on having one of these days. I love Mexican food. Though it's better with meat. :)

Travis said...

One of my favorite pizzas is mushroom and black olive. I can actually do quite fine without any meat. My problem is I tend to load up too much on carbs.

Janna said...

Travis: Carbs are tasty too. :)