Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's nice to know I'm not the only flake

I don't have to go in to work today or tomorrow!
This is because we're under a winter storm warning, and might get over a foot of snow before it's all done. (I'll try not to lose anything).

I realize that's nothing compared to the unfortunate folks in Washington who have had a lot more dumped on them. And I bet you guys up in Canada are used to more, too.

Still, I'm making the best of it. It's 12:15 and I've been lounging around in my bathrobe all day. I haven't even showered yet. And I have a headache. Just picture a walking petri dish wearing a big pink bathrobe, eating Ritz Bits crackers and Excedrin while the blizzard rages on.

If band ends up being canceled tonight, I'll probably be spending the entire day at home.
With any luck I'll end up resembling a big contented slug before the day is out.

If I had more energy, my yard could look like this:
Did I mention we're getting twice as much snow tomorrow?
Soon there will be "DIFTS" and I will be going "TABOOF" (if you remember your Jannapedia vocabulary.)

And I'm reminded of this Twitter I did, back in November 2008:

Imagine the new Norman Rockwell painting: Lady reading in bed, surrounded by pooping cats, while the snow falls gently outside.
--10:22 PM Nov 10th, 2008


Nessa said...

We are planning on being closed tomorrow and do like school with a 2 hour delay on Thursday. Sweet.


Collette said...

I'm in Michigan, too, & I'm hoping our school district is closed tomorrow also. That way the only lunch I have to serve is my daughter's! LOL!

Janna said...

Nessa: Sweet indeed! :)

Collette: It seemed like on Wednesday ALL the schools were closed and everything was cancelled! Things seem to be back to normal now, though. :)

Travis said...

Some of the best Calvin and Hobbes cartoons are the winter ones. I hope you're doing ok with all this nasty winter weather.

I won't tell you that we're having a lovely mild winter here in the northwest.

Ooops! I said I wasn't going to tell that.

Have some TACOs!

Janna said...

Travis: Lalalalalaaaaa, I'm not LIStening.... :P
I'll still eat the tacos, though. :)