Thursday, November 12, 2009

Additions to the Jannapedia

SHISTA: I can almost see this being offensive street slang for "sister". Or something worse.

CULEWA: An important ingredient in a mudslide. Ever tried culewa and cream?

DIFTS: Snow drifts so deep the "R" has been buried.

MINGLY: How to describe the tingly sensation you get when mingling.

DOWNIST: Someone who discriminates against gravity.

TABOOF: (1) The sound you make when slipping on the ice and falling flat on your butt. (2) Accidentally goofing up and saying something taboo

PLEURELL: More than one bottle of Prell shampoo.

REABI: I do NOT have rabies. I only have ONE rabie. Looks like it's starting to mutate, though....

KOLIN: Beware of what your kolin will say if you eat too much fiber.

AUSHLOM: Someone with a golf-ball size wad of chewing gum, trying to say "Awesome."

SMESSES: Messes that are even more difficult for people who lisp.

BAAHO: A promiscuous sheep.

PUTTASTE: (1) The taste of golf (2) Trying to say the word "paste" while simultaneously spitting a cat hair out of your mouth


Anonymous said...

Baaho? Too, too funny!

whall said...

The jannapediatrics are the best and favoritest part of your blog in my estimation.

Taboof could also be a choice of seating in a restaurant - table or booth... no thanks, I'll take the taboof. Half table, half booth. (I sat in one yesterday at lunch)

Jeff said...

I actually have a Jeffapedia, only instead of veri words it has the 3000 or so passwords I have for keeping track of for everything I belong to. I'm thinking of publishing it in a feature like this. What do you think?

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Reading this has made me feel all mingly.

I think Purell is a shampoo, too, so Pleurell could apply to it.

I taboof all the time. It's a bad habit. Especially in an interview.

Uncivil said...

Taboof or not Taboof? That is the question?
Better to puttaste than to buttaste?

Janna said...

Grace: That was one of my favorites too. :)

Whall: I think I might have seen one of those also! And now I know what to call it...

Jeff: Better yet, just send me all your passwords. And your social security number. And the numbers of all your bank accounts.

MikeWJ: I've heard the name Purell too... I think it's a hand sanitizer. Let's check to be sure... here it is. It's hand sanitizer. Maybe I can sell them the copyrights to "Pleurell" and get rich.

Uncivil: Given those options, it is ALWAYS better to puttaste.

Knucklehead said...

Great as always. Don't know why, but "downist" struck me as the funniest one.

Janna said...

Knucklehead: Hee! :) I think my favorites were Baaho and Aushlom.