Monday, July 27, 2009

Things I learned last week

1. There are videos which explain why you shouldn't pee in the Amazon. You'll be sorry. Luckily I did not have to learn this the hard way. It gives me yet another reason to never leave home.
(Note: This applies only to the Amazon river, not the headquarters of Amazon dot com. Apparently you can pee there all you want.)

2. Crocodile fillets cost more per pound than alligator sirloin, and llama steaks are thirty bucks a pound. Yak patties are a comparative bargain at only eleven bucks a pound. I suspect they all probably taste so horribly gamey that you would need to eat four large pizzas just to get the taste out of your mouth.

3. If you're going to Taco Bell and ask for an item to be without lettuce, they think you're speaking in a secret code which means "just kidding; put tons of lettuce on everything." If Taco Bell ran hospitals, you would have to keep saying "No, really, I AM allergic to penicillin. I'm not kidding. Please, no penicillin. Hey, why are you giving me penicillin? I specifically ordered these burritos withOUT penicillin..."

4. If you're going to pass gas in the dairy section of the supermarket, make sure there's nobody approaching in a hurry to pick up a gallon of milk.


Robin said...

The last lesson is one my husband needs to learn.

Anonymous said...

Would you believe I actually watched the videos?Ewww I laughed at #4...

Brooklyn Girl! said...

You know, I used to live in San Antonio, TX and they ate a lot of alligator and rattlesnake..yuck.and it IS expensive!

Your concert will go great! Is it at Stocks Park? Our farmers market was supposed to be held there but we ended up having it in the parking lot at the courthouse :)

Janna said...

Robin: The good news, then, is that you can blame all YOURS on HIM, and everyone will totally believe you! :)

Grace: I learned about the fish last year sometime, but just saw these particular videos last week. They're certainly "educational", aren't they?

BrooklynGirl/Patti: Really? Please tell me all about the alligator and rattlesnake! What's the texture like? Does it taste like chicken? How was it prepared?
... Yes, the concert is at Stocks Park. It's at 7:30. If it rains, they're having it in the auditorium of Davis School instead.

Jamie said...

I have to try #3 as lettuce seemed to be the total contents of the last order.

Brooklyn Girl! said...

Honestly Janna, I have not tried it! LOL...i'm a puss! forget I am a NYC girl! I decided on steak instead! lol :)

You should come to the farmers market! We have worked so hard for it to come to fruition...I think I need to color my hair since it gave me gray hair! lol

If you sweet corn should be ready this weekend *crosses fingers* and melon etc...are you on facebook? we are..and I've become a farkle addict :( lol

Brooklyn Girl! said...

Would you like my brand spankin' new cell #? i'd love a girl to watch steem magnolias or Josh lucas (id sop him up with a biscuit) with or just have a beer or maybe glas of wine with and play scrabble!!!

let me know....or at least come to my farmers market...hehehe..or even easier..just up the road! ..about a mile!

Janna said...

Jamie: I think it multiplies when we're not looking!

BrooklynGirl: LOL! Nice pun... Farmer's Market... Fruition... :)

BrooklynGirl: Everytime I pass your house on the way to Coldwater, I think of you! Hey, by any chance do you have black raspberries at the Farmers' Market? I am desperately trying to find a place that sells quarts of black raspberries.

Brooklyn Girl! said...

Janna, I know we have raspberries....not sure f they are black raspberries you make jewelry? I thought I vaguely remembered that? if so..come sell with us!! it is free and man alive if we havent made the front page of the hillsdale daily news for a 3rd week in a row!! lol..though they spelled my name wrong in todays edition! lol

Lots of wonderful people and fun..we have lots of fun and laughs!!! you better come on by!!!


Janna said...

BrooklynGirl: Drat! I just learned last week that black raspberry season is over. I missed it AGAIN. I love those little things so much. And I haven't had them in YEARS.
The red ones are ok, but the black ones are just way different and super-special.
Some people confuse them with blackberries, but they're different.
Ah... here, check this out... I did a post which explained the whole thing back in 2006.
Hope you're still having fun at the farmer's market.
This weekend was the sidewalk sales in Jonesville, so there was probably extra traffic driving around...