Friday, July 24, 2009

Because it's hard to find German Shepherds who can read the newspaper to me

Thursday was my optometrist appointment, where I learned that I do indeed need bifocals.

It's ok. I was expecting this, so there's no psychological mid-life trauma to work through.
(At least not about this, anyway.)

In fact, I've been telling people that I'm strangely excited about the whole thing.
Not because I get a kick out of having poor vision, but because now I'll actually be able to read without awkwardly holding stuff further and further away from me.

Just imagine all the things I'll be able to see better now!

1. Junk mail!
2. The ingredients in orange marmalade!
3. The fine print on a bottle of Excedrin!
4. Expiration dates on coupons!
5. Magazine articles with recipes I would never ever make!
6. Expiration dates on gallons of milk! (!!!)
7. The obituaries (Just to make sure I'm not in there!)

I got to try both kinds of bifocal lenses: the ones with the line going through them, and the ones where the lenses gradually transition into each other without a visible line.
I liked the latter.
So the glasses have been ordered and paid for, and they'll be ready in about a week.
How exciting!

Almost exciting enough to make up for the flat tire I had while returning from the optometrist's office.



Kyle McHattie said...

flat tire...ugh.

Janna said...

Kyle: "Ugh" sums it up pretty well! I'll be getting 2 new tires put on, this afternoon. (171 bucks!)

whall said...

Aha. With the new glasses, you can read the sign where you parked that says "Don't park here - sharp objects on ground"

Anonymous said...

More power to ya re: the bifocals. I could never get used to them or the transitional ones either - I had tri-focals - distance, computer and reading. Now I just have distance glasses because I don't really need them to read. Unfortunately I often leave the house without my glasses and it takes me a few blocks before I realize the world looks weird...I actually feel shorter without my glasses.

ettarose said...

I have to pay an additional 100 bucks for no line.I now need tri- focals. Getting older sucks!

Anonymous said...

GAH! I hate when that happens! Ended up changing a tyre one time, whilst I was in my Army Class-A's...and it was -10F outside with the wind-chill!

And now you'll be able to see what you've been cooking, as well-LOL!

I develpoed a "floater" in my left eye, a few years ago but have yet to get it checked...

Janna said...

Whall: Is that what it said? I wondered...

Grace: You don't need them to read? What about blogs? Can you see the screen ok without glasses?

Ettarose: I discovered that too! I didn't realize how much more expensive they would be. Yikes!

Subtorp77: Ten below? Sounds like our winters here in Michigan!

Travis said...

When my sister got her glasses, the first thing she said when she went outside was "Wow! The trees really have leaves!"

She hadn't realized until then that her vision had gotten that bad.

Anonymous said...

Janna, that was on one of the warmer winter days!

Da Old Man said...

Congrats on the bifocals. May I welcome you to middle age?

VE said...

Four eyes!!!!

There...I've said it. There's always one in the crowd. ;)

Janna said...

Travis: I felt like that too, when I got my first pair of glasses at age 11 or 12. It really was amazing how clear everything was.

Subtorp77: And did you have to walk uphill both ways for 20 miles in a blinding snowstorm with rabid wolves nipping at your heels?

DaOldMan: Yes! Please do. Is there going to be a party? Do I get a membership card?

VE: Oh, I've been a "Four-Eyes" for decades now. It's just that the bifocals are taking it a step further. I guess, technically, that would make me a "Six-Eyes" or something.

Anonymous said...

Janna, only ten miles! And it was bears( oh my! ). My mother's father hailed from Flint, MI( no wonder he liked FLA so much ). I've been through 3 Siberian winters( while living in Europe )and been way up Northern March...a balmy -40F( no wind chill, either )...brrrrrrr!

I got my first pair of glasses about the same age as you(11)They were trifocals and weighed a ton! But I could see!

Da Old Man said...

Yes, there is a party. We sit around and talk about fiber.

Janna said...

DaOldMan: Excellent! Finally, all my questions will be answered! I hope there's a pamphlet that discusses the benefits of oat bran versus psyllium.

Janna said...

Subtorp: I almost didn't recognize you under the parka.

Anonymous said...

Janna, HA!

whall said...

Um, Janna? I'm over here.

Janna said...

Whall: All the way down there in Texas? No wonder I couldn't see you!