Sunday, November 12, 2006

Janna's world of berries

OnionBoy asked me to explain what Black Raspberries are.
They're a type of berry, they're black, and they look kinda like raspberries. ;)
Seriously, here are some pictures to help sort it out, since I know there are different types of raspberries out there.
First, there are the regular "red raspberries" we're probably all familiar with... these are also yummy...
Then there are black rasperries, which taste sweeter and even more flavorful. They're amazing, I swear. I absolutely LOVE these things.Black raspberries should not be confused with blackberries; they're completely different. Blackberries (the fruit, not the handheld tech thingy...heh) are larger, more elongated, and they taste completely different. Not as sweet, not as "intense".So that's your berry-tutorial for today.
Hope this helped explain things. :)


onionboy said...

cause i got like four black berry trees in my back yard. i substitute them for raspberries in recipies.

Morgen said...

ummm... who's gonna tell onionboy that black berries grow on canes and not on trees? I think he has mulberries.

now you have me craving black raspberry ice cream from that yummy ice cream place in South Haven

Christine said...

Don't forget mulberries!

I never did figure out which kind of berries we ate, when I was growing up~ they grew wild all over the place, where I lived.

Christine said...

Ah! I see Mo was ahead of moi on the mulberries!