Saturday, November 11, 2006

Quotations for today

Today's quotes come to us from that legendary intellectual, Homer Simpson.

"Dear Lord: The gods have been good to me. For the first time in my life, everything is absolutely perfect just the way it is. So here's the deal: You freeze everything the way it is, and I won't ask for anything more. If that is OK, please give me absolutely no sign. OK, deal. In gratitude, I present you this offering of cookies and milk. If you want me to eat them for you, give me no sign. Thy will be done." --Homer Simpson

"Well you know boys, a nuclear reactor is a lot like women. You just have to read the manual and press the right button." --Homer Simpson

"All right, let's not panic. I'll make the money by selling one of my livers. I can get by with one." --Homer Simpson


thethinker said...

Wise words from a wise man.

"Do'h" must be the most intelligent word ever spoken.

STAK said...

i agree

Morgen said...

what would we do with out the simpsons?