Saturday, November 11, 2006

Concord Grapes

My three most favorite fruits in the whole world are blueberries, black raspberries, and concord grapes. Unfortunately, these are highly "seasonal" and are very hard to find throughout most of the year. I've only had fresh black raspberries ONCE in the past ten years. (!!!)
Blueberries are easy to find when it's blueberry season, but that's all too brief. As soon as it started, it's over, and the yummy little gems are gone again til next year. Very sad.
Concord grapes are also very hard to find around here.
grapes are available year-round in a variety of colors, but they're just not the same thing as real CONCORD grapes. Concords are shaped different, they smell different, and they taste different.

I love them. Did I mention I love them? I love them.
I hadn't had any in years, so imagine my joy when I found some at the store this afternoon!
I bought four packages and have already eaten one.
Mmmmmm. Heavenly. Superbly delicious.
And for those years when I simply can't find these gems at the store, I bought a magnet at The Wren's Nest which has a lovely picture of concord grapes on it.
I bought another one with blueberries on it, too. :)


onionboy said...

black raspberries? please do explain.

Jessica said...

Your grape photo looks so delicious. I'm bummed that they are out of season.

Morgiana Le Fey said...

next summer, i vow i will bring you some black raspberries from my parents gardens.

Morgen said...

Thanks for the shameless plug for The Wren's Nest.
You should do a post about Squiggle Clips one day...

Cincy Diva said...

Stoli makes a lovely blueberry vodka to help you get thru the off-season!