Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Janna learns to read (eventually)

While at the store, I found some new kind of Doritos called "flavor shots."
They come in smaller lunch-size bags, just right for a snack.
I saw "Atomic Chile Limon" flavor and "Blazin' Buffalo Rush" flavor.

I figured "why not," and decided to give them a try.

So when I got home, I opened up the "Atomic Chile Limon" ones and tried one.

"Weird," I thought, "It doesn't taste any different than the regular Nacho Cheese flavor."

I tried another.
Same thing.

It was then that I noticed a plastic envelope nestled in among the chips.

"Oooh," I thought, "Did I get a prize?"

I picked it out and read what it said.

Finally, it dawned on me.

I noticed the big letters on the front of the bag which said "flavor packet inside," with a picture of seasoning being poured out onto the chips.

The packet contained the "Atomic Chile Limon" flavoring powder that you were supposed to sprinkle on top of the chips in the bag, which were (of course) the regular Nacho Cheese flavor.


Embarrassed at my apparent inability to read directions for something as simple as consuming Doritos, I opened the packet and dumped the orange-colored seasoning into the bag of already-orange chips.

Can you imagine what lemon-lime tastes like?
Can you imagine what cheesy nachos taste like?

If the idea of mixing those two flavors actually sounds good to you, you'd love these.
Imagine spilling lemon-lime kool-aid on a plate of nachos and deciding to eat them anyway because you're so hungry you just don't care anymore.

Actually.... now that I think about it, the "lime" part tastes eerily reminiscent of the Mountain Dew flavored "Dorito Quest" chips I blogged about last year. Those had just lime flavor, no nacho cheese.
These, however, are a bit different.

The "Blazin' Buffalo Rush" ones were slightly better, but still not worth repeating.

Just my two cents.
Er, I mean, my $1.29.


Anonymous said...

The only orange food I eat are oranges - not too many foods are naturally orange, or blue (aside from blueberries).

Da Old Man said...

Great description.

I think I'll pass on them, too.

Robin said...

i'm all about trying new things, new flavors, but i gave up on trying new flavor of chips when my husband brought home hamburger flavoried Doritos.

Anonymous said...

I wish I just hadn't started Weight Watchers. :( Thanks for sharing, though, especially about the Mountain Dew flavored ones. Oh, my.

Kyle McHattie said...

Lime and chile and cheese? I gotta get me some! :)

Anonymous said...

Heh, heh. This is a by-product of all the "hot" Doritos you can get in Texas or New Mexico( I brought some back from my trip ). Flavours like "Diablo Enchilado"( yuck! ) or "TORO Habanero"( sizzle! ) but no flovour pouch. And I'm still lookin' for "Fiery Habanero". The chili lime Cheetos aren't bad, either....

Jamie said...

Esoteric ethic foods should never be converted to bagged contents. Culinary delights and fast food profits are not compatible.

Janna said...

Grace: Some habanero peppers are orange! Yum!

DaOldMan: Are you sure? Mrs. C could sneak you in some for a snack...

Robin: Oooh, I think I remember those! I blogged about them awhile back too... right here...
The weird thing is that I don't remember liking them all that much, but apparently I did, because I said so in my blog post.

UnfinishedRambler: The Mountain Dew ones were a bizarre little blip in the space-time continuum, I think. Freaky.

Kyle: LOL! Try them and let me know what you think.

Subtorp: I've tried the so-called "Fiery Habanero" flavor. It is not very hot at all. I was disappointed.

Jamie: In this case, I'm inclined to agree with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Janna, as was I but still tasty. The TORO ones are a bit milder. But there's nothing like pouring a bottle of Tabasco into a bag o' pork rinds!

whall said...

I wish my bills came in the mail with flavor packets. I'd love to try a Green Chili Cheese Bacon Electric Bill or a Zesty Dill Corn flake covered cable bill.

Janna said...

Subtorp: I like Tabasco on fish sticks. :) I'm weird that way.

Whall: Or Blazin' Guacamole Cheesecake property taxes!

Anonymous said...

Janna, nothin' weird about that( well, not with me anyway ). And it does ada bit of zip to the shrimp cocktail sauce...

Travis said...

If I have to work to get my Doritos fix, then it's not worth it.

Janna said...

Subtorp: The reason I hate cocktail sauce is because I hate horseradish. The flavor is just totally rotten and nasty to me. Love hot stuff, but not horseradish.

Travis: Truer words were never spoken!

Anonymous said...

Janna, no worries. It's truly an aquired taste( I grew up on the stuff, especially German hot mustard with those brat(wursts)...