Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Exceedingly long boring post no one could possibly want to read

I'm here, I'm here.
Today's post is a little late because I was having Internet connection problems AGAIN last night. I won't go into that, except to say I hate my ISP.
Anyway, last night was band and ABC group.

Semi-quick history of ABC group:
Every Tuesday night there is a rehearsal for the Hillsdale Community Wind Symphony. Some of us with similar bizarre personalities have bonded together and gotten into the habit of socializing after the rehearsal.
Here are all the posts where I've mentioned band and people from ABC group.

First ABC group was held at an Italian restaurant called Cavoni's, but after a new waitress started being really rude to us, we switched to another place called The Hunt Club. But that was a bit too expensive for some of us (including me), so we then switched to just meeting every week at Jason's house. Well, then Jason moved (it wasn't because of us, I swear). So we had to find a new place.

Those of you familiar with the city of Hillsdale know that there is almost no place open after 10:00 pm.

Except McDonalds.
So, sometimes we went to McDonalds, and once in a great while we went back to The Hunt Club. Either way, we'd stay in the parking lot afterward, chatting away until well after midnight, as usual. Good quality time, talking and interacting and being our funny silly selves. I cherish this time every week.

Then a new person joined the band: Kyle #2. (Sometimes we call him "Fred" for no reason, just so we don't have to confuse ourselves with two Kyles). For the past two weeks, he has graciously allowed us to meet at his house after band. Kyle #2 Fred is cool, he's an excellent musician, and he fits right in with our group. Kyle #2 Fred is loved by all.

So, it appears that ABC group will now be held at Kyle #2's Fred's house.

Have I bored all of you yet?
Are your eyes glazed over, with drool dribbling down your chin?
Please say yes.
I'm hoping no one is reading now, because I have some confessions to make.

First, I find "Guitar Hero" really annoying. It's hard to explain why. You'd think that since I have two degrees in music performance and music therapy, I'd welcome anything that makes music more accessible to the general public. Yet, um.... I guess it's not the concept of the game, so much as having to be around other people who are playing it. I find it boring, boring, boring to be in a room where people are focused only on Guitar Hero. It almost seems rude somehow; like everyone else in the room is being ignored for hours on end. (If you're all by yourself, playing it in a closet somewhere, then hey, that's fine with me. No problem. Have a blast. Stay hydrated.)

Or, perhaps I'm a bit of a snob, believing that the real thing (with real instruments and real music) is better than a cheap facsimile thereof. Sigh. Please don't hate me.

Well, even worse than Guitar Hero, is Rock Band.
Instead of just one fake guitar, it involves a whole group with a fake guitar, fake bass, drums, and microphone.
Much to my horror, some of our group has gotten into that.
It started a couple months ago, back when we were meeting at Jason's house. In fact, it was at the last party he ever threw before he moved. Someone (Curtis?) went out and bought Rock Band. The entire party was (in my opinion) ruined because people focused on that instead of spending quality time talking and interacting with one another. I actually sat at the dining room table and read a book while this was going on. (For hours and hours and hours on end).

Even though I was sad Jason moved, part of me was glad that this meant we wouldn't have to be subjected to any more Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

Irony is such a bitch.

Kyle #2 Fred has "Rock Band" set up in his living room.

And the group has been playing it for the past two weeks.
It honestly makes me wonder if I still fit into this group any more.

Last night some of them talked me into taking the microphone and singing for a couple of the songs.
So I can honestly say I have tried it.
The singing part was "okay." I confess.
I feel dirty admitting it, but yes. The singing gig was "okay."

Still, I don't really relish the idea of this happening every week.
It wouldn't be so bad if there was anyplace else to sit, but Kyle#2 Fred's house only has seating in the living room. I think that, if I'm going to stay in this group, maybe I'll just bring a chair of my own and sit out on the porch with a book and a bottle of pop.

Scary thought I just had: It might actually be cool if there was a classical music version of this game, which had instruments like violin, viola, cello, trumpet, flute, tuba, oboe, french horn, bassoon, tympani, string bass, trombone, harp, clarinet, and euphonium. And a glockenspiel.
Yes.... THAT might be cool.

**sob** I can't believe I just said that.

Please tell me you weren't listening.


whall said...

I know *exactly* what you're talking about!

Sometimes I don't make any sense either... :)
Ha Ha, just kidding. Seriously though, I'm going to have to take away your WHALL card.
Ha Ha, just kidding. Seriously though, (really this time), you suck.
Ha Ha, just kidding. Seriously though, (NO, really this time), you just don't "get it". Some people are like that, and you are.

Ha Ha, just kidding. Seriously though, (SUPREMELY HONESTLY really this time), I don't think Guitar Hero parties should be added to other social time. Guitar Hero get-togethers should be labeled as such and should invite GH players. I think it sucks that a get-together that you had before has "turned into" guitar hero parties. They should be separate.

So I support you.

btw, have you tried lately? :)

Desert Songbird said...

Heh. I WAS listening, and I have a comment!

Actually, as a "serious" vocalist, I feel the same way about karaoke as you feel about these two video games. Whenever I'm at parties or other social gatherings, and someone starts up with the karaoke, I gracefully decline and sit in bemused amazement as others make fools of themselves.

My choir group likes to go out for drinks and munchies after choir practice every week, and there are times when my bud Dan suggests we go to a certain Mexican place for karaoke. I tactfully suggest our "usual" place (Chili's) since it's centrally located. But if it's just Dan and me, then we end up at the Mexican place because it's closer to our respective houses, and sometimes it's karaoke night.

I just grin and bear it because I like Dan's company, and it's only once in a while. Maybe you and your friends can come to a compromise agreement and meet at McD's or the other place just once a month or every other week. Then you can decline the house party or keep it short on the other weeks.

Just a thought.

Travis said...

Microsoft is always looking for the next big thing, so maybe you should market your Classical Music Band thingy.

Janna said...

Whall: I was worried about what you would say. I know you love Guitar Hero almost as much as oxygen. :) Thanks for being gentle.
And... OMG, you reserved Jannaverse dot com for me! And re-routed the URL! How awesome! Thank you!!!
Everybody, try it... go to
See? Is that cool or what???

DesertSongbird: I see your point about the karaoke. I'm actually more forgiving about karaoke than I am with pseudo-music games. At least with karaoke, the instrument is the same: it's still a human voice. One of the reasons I agreed to SING with the "Rock Band" game (instead of using guitar or drums) is that at least I wasn't using something fake.

Travis: Wouldn't that be cool? :)

Marilyn said...

I tried Guitar Hero once. I can play guitar (I suck at it) and I suck at Guitar Hero. My nephew got it for Christmas so I gave it a shot and then he showed me how great he is at it and said, "I bet I'd be really great at playing guitar, huh?"

Um, sorry kid. NO. It's not even a very realistic pretend guitar.

Morgiana Le Fey said...

akw shucks, janna, i'm sorry that you feel so annoyed when we do the rockband's just fun, and it's more fun to do with more people. i's sorry. maybe we can buy a thing of jenga or something to keep at fred's house...and try to keep our rockband-ing to a minimum. or you could sing to more of the songs (.-;;
*hugs* nothing would be the same if our janna wasn't there.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so this is Kyle#2 AKA Fred, AKA McHattie. Here is my really bad Joe Pesci impersonation: "Ok Ok...They fuck you at Fred's house! You think you're going to have some good conversation and connect with people, and then they fuck you! They play that damn rock band and then they make YOU play it. I'm tellin ya, they FUCK you at Fred's house!"

But seriously...I am working on the fire pit and the outdoor furniture. And I also have had the thought that we could have some hand made drums, african flutes and maybe a guitar or two so that we could create real music too. Seems like something that might be fun for a creative group such as ourselves... :)

I don't plan on playing rock band every get together... :)

Janna said...

Marilyn: Heh! Exactly. GH is sort of equivalent to a simplified version of a one-string guitar. "Real" guitars have six strings. (And, need I add, there are ACTUAL STRINGS.)

Morgian: Nah. No Jenga, please. It's ok. I just needed to vent. You guys should do what makes you happy.

Fred: Not sure how to react to the Pesci thing... as for the rest of it, the improv group sounds interesting. With my luck, "Rock Band" will then come out with an "african flute, drum, and guitar" version.