Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Tour Of Janna's Tuesday Evening

Band went fine, but I'm worn out!
I did take my camera along and attempted some pictures, but unfortunately most of them came out blurry. Surprisingly, the ones in really low-light actually turned out well. I just couldn't hold STILL. Must remember next time: Don't breathe! Don't blink! Don't move!
Here are some that turned out relatively ok:

This is the building where we rehearse every Tuesday.

This is my chair, with my french horn on it. Notice how I'm right in front of the percussion section. I wonder if they can hear me as well as I can hear them!

The guy at the far right of the picture, the one looking so philosophical and contemplative, is our director and fearless leader, Bob Livingston. He is amazing-- one of the very best conductors I've ever worked with.

After band, some of us go to this Italian place in Hillsdale called Cavoni's.
"ABC Group" = "After Band, Cavoni's."
They have good subs and garlic bread and pizza and... well, lots of good stuff. It's not cheap, but not too outlandish either. Tonight I had half a BBQ sub and half an order of garlic bread. Needless to say, I sprinkled a whole bunch of hot pepper flakes on my sub. (Yum!)

I was the first one there tonight (has that EVER happened before?? I don't think so!), so I got to take a picture of the place when it was still almost empty.

After we eat, some of us sit around and talk for awhile on the bench outside. Usually we have at least 5 people who decide to stay afterward, but tonight we only had three: Me, Kyle, and Morgian. (It felt strange not having more people!)

Here's Morgian, smoking... notice how the lighting makes it look like an atomic bomb just went off in her head. Either she just had a REALLY great idea, or her mind has finally snapped. (Perhaps this is how Matt-Man feels after drinking an entire bottle of Wild Irish Rose.)

Sometimes Kyle brings his hookah, and passes it around. He has a variety of flavored tobaccos that he uses. Tonight the flavor was raspberry. I think last week it was mint.
I hate the smell of cigarette smoke, but the hookah does NOT stink at all. Really! It doesn't smell like smoke. It just smells like whatever the 'flavor' is. Tonight it smelled like raspberries.
I think I'm the only one in the group who HASN'T tried the hookah yet. Maybe one of these days. Or maybe not. I don't know... we'll see.
Here are some pictures of Morgian and Kyle being silly, entertaining, and amusing:

So this is what I do on Tuesday nights. I wish more of the pictures had turned out! Maybe next week I'll try getting a couple more.

...Hey! Wake up! It wasn't THAT boring, was it???


Christine said...


Kyle said...

lol..I look like I have down syndrome in the last though that's kinda what we were going for I guess. :-P Yay for the ABC group. Maybe we can get more people. Try and recruit more of the horn section.

My hookah looks SOO small! Just a word to other other hookahs are MUCH bigger *wink wink*. Wrap your lips around THAT one! LOL HA! PUN INTENDED! :-P

Morgiana Le Fey said...

hehe...yeah it does kinda look like an a-bomb went off...but in reality, it *was* just my sanity surpised it made that much of a bang...there wasn't much of it left to begin with.