Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Testing the e-mail thing...

I'm testing out this thingy where I can post to my blog via e-mail. Here's hoping it shows up.  If so, I'll have a way to blog without worrying about my browser crashing.  (I wonder if it'll let me include pictures? Or different fonts?  Or colorsOr linksOr HTML?  Or is it simple-text only?)  
In a few hours I'll be leaving for this week's band rehearsal.  After that will be ABC group, which means I'll probably return home smelling like garlic bread and marinara sauce.  (Hey, there are worse things a person could smell like.)
Ok, here goes... I'm hitting the "send" button...


Morgen said...

hey there. colors & links worked (thanks for the smile -- -that the link was to me!)
no photo in this e-mailed post, was there supposed to be?

so, did you get this e-mail posting idea from the blogger book I lent ya?

inquiring minds wanna know ~mo

Morgiana Le Fey said...

hey janna (.= it is i, morgian...who, inspired by the awesomeness of your blog universe, have started one of my own.

ive read all of your blogs and i must say you are more insightful and witty than you show. c'mon out and let us see it!

btw, i also especially love the picture of jack behind the coffee cup (.-;;