Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Rattling on about ABC group

I'm back from band and ABC.
We had a good time at ABC group, even though I think the new waitress is annoyed with our large group.
For years we had a very nice waitress named "Ashley." She was the BEST waitress in the whole world. She knew our names and knew what our "usuals" were, knew how we liked things, knew what time we usually arrived and when we usually departed, etc. She knew us, we knew her, and the love flowed freely.
Then she left her job at Cavoni's, for some reason. We didn't get to find out why.
The new waitress is named "Carrie". (Carrie, Kerry, Keri, whatever). We've had her for about two months now. She used to work for Cavoni's a couple years ago, then came back after Ashley left. So she's not new to the job, really; she's just new to US.
I have tried really hard to give her the benefit of the doubt. I've tried really hard to be nice and pleasant and friendly. She sometimes seems ok, but most of the time she acts like it's a bother to wait on us. She doesn't like the fact that we have enough people in our group to fill three tables, she doesn't like moving the tables around, she complains that we get there at 9:20 when the place closes at 10:00. (Well, rehearsal ends at 9:00, and we leave immediately afterwards; we get there as soon as we can, dammit). She forgets to bring us things we've asked for, and she's not the most attentive person in the world.
The "nice" person in me keeps saying "Awww, give her time. She'll get better."
But it's difficult. Every week I get more of a negative impression from her. It's a shame, because it makes us a lot less generous with tips. She's only shooting herself in the foot, y'know?
If we lived in a bigger city with more places that were open that time of night, we could just take our business elsewhere. But alas, this is Hillsdale, and the only other place open at that time of night is WAY too expensive for a weekly visit (and sometimes the service there is even worse).
Besides, the food at Cavoni's is GREAT. It really hits the spot, after a long rehearsal.
Even if the service has significantly diminished lately.
And I guess what's most important to us is each other's company, anyway... (now pass me a tissue while I cry sensitive girly tears.)


Mr. Fabulous said...

Have you considered literally shooting her in the foot?

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: I'll put that on my list of possible solutions. See, if you hadn't sold your guns, you could come up here and shoot her FOR me...

Travis said...

Some people simply don't belong in customer service.