Thursday, June 26, 2008

The stinky mystery is solved

Remember THIS post, where I mentioned that I smelled a skunk nearby?
The morning after, I went outside to see if there were any dead skunks in the road or in the yard.
Didn't see any.
Yet, the smell was still lingering a bit. Even after a couple days had gone by, there was still a hint of skunk.
Today, on my way out to the car, I noticed something.
There's a hole that the groundhogs dug under the edge of the house, and when I peered into that hole, I saw a bit of white fur.
Upon further inspection, I realized that a skunk had crawled under there and died.
Apparently he sprayed one last time before dying last Friday night, and that's what I'd been smelling.
So, um.... he'd been there for almost a whole week before I realized this.

(**cough** **COUGH**)

He's been disposed of.
And I've got the fan going.
And the can of air freshener is never far away.

Try not to visit anytime soon.


Steven said...

I want the story of how he was "disposed of."

wolf said...

As someone who has smelled both skunk and Eau de Recently Deceased, I think skunk is definitely better.

I'm with Steven - I would like details. Was there crying and gnashing of teeth?

Evil Genius said...

Ewwwwww...thank you, no. I'd rather use my imagination on how it was disposed of.

No wait -- did you put it in the car of some really mean co-worker? 'Cause if you didn't, can I? lol

whall said...

"Disposed of" usually means 'placed on eBay with no reserve'

Janna said...

Steve: It was easy! I called my dad and made HIM come take care of it. :)

Wolf: Skunk is BARELY better. There was no crying, perhaps a slight moment of gnashing before I picked up the phone and called for reinforcements.

EvilGenius: What a great idea!

Whall: How much do you think I could get? I could include a free Ziploc bag...

feefifoto said...

Oh. Eeew.

Janna said...

Feefifoto: LOL! Sort of makes whatever you're smelling NOW seem tame by comparison, huh? :)