Saturday, June 28, 2008

Various Thoughts

1) I bet people would take poodles more seriously if they (the poodles) had tusks.

2) Why isn't there chocolate Shredded Wheat?

3) If we can't have flying cars, we should at least be able to have flying underwear. (Maxi pads with "wings" don't count)

4) If farts smelled like lavender, beans would be more popular.


whall said...

Wow. Can you imagine a world where tusky poodles eat chocolate Shredded Wheat and fly around in their underwear, making the world smell all lavendar-y?

Travis said...

**imagines the fun and frolics that would ensue every morning, opening the underwear drawer armed with a butterfly net to catch a flying pair**

ablondeblogger said...

You don't have flying underwear?

Evil Genius said...

I saw some chocolate shredded wheat when I went grocery shopping the other day, but I was afraid to try it. I didn't believe it'd really taste like chocolate, and then I'd just be in a bad mood all day.

But then again, if I had a pair of flying underwear, I would totally try it. It'd have to be awful bad to ruin your day if you had flying underwear. :-)

Janna said...

Whall: Sounds like something the Beatles would have sung about.

Travis: It's a wonderful world!

BlondeBlogger: I live below poverty level.

EvilGenius: Exactly! It would be awesome!