Friday, June 13, 2008

Janku 3

HERE is the post that explains the rules. HERE's the 2nd installment I did a few days ago.

And here is the next installment:

Poor nudists
They must really hate
Giant hungry mosquitoes
There's one
Curly hair in my sink now
Please don't pee there
I beg you
Bring me chocolate
And I won't jump off this ledge
Look at that
Big cat turd on my carpet
Use the litter box, dammit!
Coats my arteries
Bacon cheeseburgers rule


whall said...

Jannaverse.To boldly go where no
One has gone before.


Blackberry browsing.
Drunk driving. Both have
About the same result.

Blogger bites.
Move to wordpress now!
I can host your domain.

Awe sum period.
Aw, some end of sentence...

My tryst with nymph gypsy, on the glyph by a crypt
Had me crying a wry hymn in the sky.
Why? Myth is only answer. That, and the gym smells..

Meloncutter said...

Ok. let me try this.

I fart a lot
I like big boobs.
For I am the meloncutter.

Was that it?

Later Y'all.

whall said...

More janku.
Addicted we are.
Yoda taught me to speak

Janna said...

Whall: You fascinate me.

Meloncutter: Nice! AND autobiographical!

Whall: Will you be my stalker?

whall said...

Sex in the city
Now major movie;
NOT urban intercourse.

Country Roads
Take me home (yes)
to the place, I belong...

West virGIN-ya
mountain momma
take me home, country roads

Janna said...

Whall: Ack! You thought I wouldn't count the vowels, didn't you? Go back and check the 2nd and 3rd one again.
It's ok, you can still be my stalker; you just might have to have a drug test or a fingerprint test or something.
Or you could just send me a bunch of money with your DNA on it.

whall said...

Argh! I had started composing these last night on my blackberry during some dead time and then when I transcribed them on the computer I messed up.

Shoulda been

To the place where I belong...


Take m'home, country roads

Which is cheating of course.

Let's try it again.

Amazing grace,
How sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.


Janna said...

Whall: "Amazing Grace" has five vowels. Please send $35.00 in unmarked bills to THIS address. Feel free to include the DNA of your choice. Surprise me.

whall said...


that 'place where' line has 9 vowels.

I mean, um... yeah, you're RIGHT! That was an IMPOSTER who wrote that!

/head hung low


Now I need to fix it. But how?


I am so sorry.
Unable to count!
Stalker status is revoked.


(oh, and can you make them with just two words per line?

Some person
Oozing needles
Utopian voodoo

This next one
Saves me and also
Will have you googling.


Janna said...

Whall: The word "Embarrassmenticastigus" would make an awesome Scrabble word. Plus it would be fun to try to say when you were drunk. Go on, have some of that Bacardi and give it a shot.