Saturday, June 14, 2008

This is all I've got today, folks

Whenever I carry my cell phone in my bra, it sometimes looks like I have a weird growth coming out of my boobs. I feel like I should be wearing a breast cancer awareness ribbon or something.

Y'know that "Head-On" stuff? You put it on your forehead (or wherever your head hurts) and it helps ease headaches?
The commercial is annoying, but the stuff is actually pretty cool. Literally and figuratively. It feels sort of like menthol. I like it. It doesn't take away migraines, but it does help with regular headaches.
Oh, and I learned that it melts if you leave it in a hot car. Write that down.
Taco Bell has these new fruity slushy things called "Fruitista Freezes". They come in strawberry and mango. I tried the strawberry one yesterday and can officially report that it is awesome. Kinda small, though: Just a little 16 oz cup for $1.29. Still, very yummy.
Today I produced a fart that sounded suspiciously like a drunk duck.


Meloncutter said...

I ripped one a bit ago that sounded almost like a bloated beached whale exploding in a volcano.

I have really got to lay off those cheap ass frozen burritos.

Later Y'all.

Trukindog said...

Drunk Duck Fart, HA I would have loved to have heard that...from a distance.

whall said...

I tried one of those fruitistas and didn't like it a bit.

I tried storing my cell phone in a lady's bra once and she didn't like it a bit.

I tried Head-On on the Starship Enterprise but Picard didn't like it one bit.

No comment on the duck sounds.

Janna said...

Meloncutter: I almost had a cheap-ass frozen burrito for dinner. I have one left. But I decided on chicken instead.

Trukindog: Come closer so you can enjoy it more fully!

Whall: Aw, really? I loved the Fruitista. It was fruity and slushy and smooth and sweet. I loved everything about it; I just wish there had been MORE of it. If I was rich enough to have my own pool boy, I'd just pay him to stand around and make frozen tropical drinks for me all day. He'd have plenty of time, what with me not having a pool and all.

Marilyn said...

I think I could keep a pool boy busy without a pool or drinks...

How do you know what a drunk duck sounds like?

Janna said...

Marilyn: Good point; I'd better get TWO pool boys. A drunk duck slurs his quacks more than a sober duck.

Cincy Diva said...

Had a mango one. Deeliteful!

Janna said...

CincyDiva: Oooh, really? I haven't tried the mango ones yet. They look good, though!