Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Tuesday already!

And that means that tonight is when I announce the winner of my contest!
Tonight, when I get home from band rehearsal (our first rehearsal of the summer concert season!), I'll check to make sure there are no new entries, and then I'll get ready to post the results.
Feel the excitement!
Get the popcorn ready! Or the cheetos, or tofu balls, or whatever it is you people do when you celebrate things.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Did I win? Did I, huh? Is it me? Isitisitisitisitisitisit???

metalmom said...

You're making us wait???????????

Morgen said...

now I'll have the "anticipation" song stuck in my head all day...

Desert Songbird said...

Tofu?! Gack!

[[running away, screaming]]

Lynda said...

I already know what I want you to do for my prize.

Vinnie G. said...

So I tagged you for a little meme but this one is actually interesting and I am interested to see what you answer


metalmom said...


metalmom said...


ok...how bout soon????

Marilyn said...

.... I didn't play, but maybe I could pitch in and buy the winner a tub of crisco and a twister game for the celebration party.

Janna said...

Mr. Fab: You're cute when you get excited like that.

Metalmom: Of course!

Morgen: And you have me to thank for it!

Desert Songbird: I agree completely!

Lynda: You want me to fix the window, don't you?

Vinnie: Ok! I'll check it out. :)

Metalmom: LOL! It's fun to see people so excited about this. :)

Marilyn: What a nice gesture!