Monday, May 21, 2007

Five Reasons To Embrace Insanity

1) The current price of gasoline

2) The fact that the vast majority of technology makes absolutely no sense to the vast majority of people

3) All the COOL kids are doing it.

4) You’re bound to end up there sooner or later anyway.

5) If you don’t embrace it first, it will wrap its sharp spiky claws around your chest and squeeze tightly until all your major organs have been ruptured and the life has been slowly drained out of you in a wet sticky DNA-filled mass on the floor. (That’s definitely going to stain).


metalmom said...

First I thought you said 'embrace sanity', and I thought 'what, is she nuts?' Then I read it again. Does that mean I'm cool??? the other little voice I hear thinks so...

Janna said...

Metalmom: Of COURSE you're cool. We're BOTH cool. If anyone ever tries to tell you otherwise, smother them in their sleep.

metalmom said...

Man, I gotta go to bed! I just read 'mother them,they're sheep'

Mr. Fabulous said...

If is has sharp spiky claws wouldn't it puncture your organs rather than squeeze them?

Travis said...

OK, reason #5 just scares me.

Anonymous said...

My gawd! You have a delicious blog:)

Lynda said...

I thought I was suppose to RUN from insanity….

OMG! Did you just get a weird sense of deja vu also. I need to sit down.

Janna said...

Metalmom: Whatever you're smoking is messing with your vision!

Mr. Fab: It would do both. Sharp spiky claws are great multitaskers.

Travis: Embrace the insanity!

Fallen Star: Wow, thank you! :)

Lynda: Whoever told you to run from insanity was a dirty rotten liar. (Wow, yeah, that WAS creepy deja vu...)