Monday, May 21, 2007

Manic Monday: Graphic

Because Morgen is such a cool person, he has designated today's Manic Monday theme to be "Graphic". He did this in honor of me opening up a new blog/business dedicated to creating graphics for websites and blogs. It's called Jannagraphics and you've probably already heard about it on other blogs, from at least one of my other super-cool friends who have helped me get the word out. (Thank you, Morgen and Lynda and Steve and Fab and anyone else who's posted something kind about my new venture!)
I'm hoping that later on in the day I can think of something else to say for this MM theme. For now, though, I'll just say a big thank you to my friends who've supported me in this new venture. Here's hoping it meets with some measure of success. :)


Lynda said...

I like the blue!

Desert Songbird said...

Good luck with the new venture. I'm still using the freebie stuff from Google, but you never know...

Natalie said...

I want to win one from mo cause I am far too broke to spend money on anything but food and transit. How sad is that?

Turnbaby said...

Love the blue and trav and i also mentioned your venture.

Thanks for your other suggestions --I think i wanna get creative with ya!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I am not at all upset that I was listed last LOL

Travis said...

It's great that you're putting it out there. Good luck!

Morgen said...

Did Trav just say that Janna puts out?


Janna said...

Lynda: Thank you! I felt blue!

Desert Songbird: Y'never know. :)

Natalie: Good luck with Morgen's contest. :)

Turnbaby: Thank you AND Trav for your support! I love you both! (*sob*)

Mr. Fab: I saved the best for last. :) Think of it that way.

Travis: Thanks for your support! You're sweet! And thanks for telling everyone that I put out. :)

Morgen: You noticed that, huh? :)