Sunday, May 20, 2007

On the radio again

This evening I decided to call in to the Pointless Drivel Live radio show. It'd been a couple weeks since I'd called, so I figured what the heck. Plus, they were making jokes about Minnesota and Iowa, and I wanted to call to defend Michigan, should the need arise. (Thankfully it didn't!)
We spoke of how Iowa is bordered on the East and West by water, which as Fab pointed out, is partly like being protected by a moat. Michigan is the same way! Just seal us off from Ohio/Indiana, and we're secure! Well, the upper peninsula would still have to deal with Wisconsin, but that's ok. If we're nice to them, they give us cheese. And we like cheese. A lot. Especially that yummy pepper jack cheese, with the...
...Where was I? Oh, yes. The radio show.
Every time I call in, I marvel at my decision to do so, because instantly half my brainpower goes out the window, and my verbal communication skills are reduced to a series of monosyllabic grunts and stammers. I sound like an airheaded chipmunk on crack. I can feel my heart racing. I have to make myself be calm.
If I ever had my own radio show, psychology students would be calling in just to do stress-reduction experiments on me. It would be a train wreck, which would no doubt be morbidly fascinating for those of you who love seeing things fall tragically apart. Plus I might get a lot of sympathy and flowers and chocolate. That alone almost makes it worth trying.
Still and all, I love Fab's show, and will probably be calling in again someday.
After we build the moat.
'Cause those Indiana/Ohio people are nothing but trouble. :)

P.S. Don't forget to enter my contest, if you haven't already!!
I'd love for you all to give it a try! It's painless, I promise!


Turnbaby said...

Sugar you are being way too hard on yourself--you are way cool on there.

metalmom said...

"Air headed chipmunk on crack?" Boss, it was more like crystal meth! LOL

Janna said...

Turnbaby: LOL. Thanks for your support. :)

Metalmom: Meth instead of crack?? So it was even worse than I thought? Damn!

Meloncutter said...

Isn't IOWA an acronym for Idiots Out Wandering Around?

Just wondering.

Later Y'all

metalmom said...

You know I was only kidding! Your melodious voice brought tears to my eyes.My ears will ache waiting to hear your dulcet tones again!(Did you like all the ass-kissing?) LOL

Janna said...

Meloncutter: LOL! Brilliant! :)

Metalmom: Just a sec, I need to put on the TALL boots; it's gettin' kinda deep in here...

Lynda said...

What? Indiana is a very nice state. And flat. We will get to Michigan somehow!

I kind of feel the same way when I called. My heart started racing as soon as I hit the send button. LOL

Mr. Fabulous said...

I don't know why you guys get nervous. I never get nervous. Of course, I'm usually pretty liquored up.

Janna said...

Lynda: I know! My heart was racing and I had to make myself calm down! It juat happens whenever I call in. I get so nervous!

Mr. Fab: Maybe I should try that next time. Do you recommend vodka or scotch?