Thursday, August 1, 2013

Parts of the lesser-known rainbow

Crayola color names that were rejected because they were too long to fit on the crayon:

* Red frustration of still being on dial-up when everyone else has ultra-fast broadband connections

* Weird green you see in the toilet after peeing, worrying you've got some hideous disease, then realizing it's simply that you peed into blue water.


For anyone who still cares, here's the update on the MRI/xray thing:
The results came back.

1.  There's significant cartilage damage. It's completely gone in some spots.
2.  They STILL don't know what the lesion is.  Nobody's been able to identify it.  Currently they're trying to find yet another specialist who will agree to see me.
The doctor said to expect things to get worse, and they are, so I guess he was right about that at least.
Send good thoughts.
Or chocolate, or bacon.
I'm not picky.


G-Man said...

Green toilet water isn't odd.
Is it?

Anyway thanks for sharing that Janna. I'm sure Binney and Smith appreciate your thoughts on this.
Loved your colorful 55
Thanks for playing, you are like finding a pot of gold, at the end of a rainbow

Janna said...

G-man: I'm surprised you didn't mention anything about bacon or chocolate. Those were the best parts of the post. ;)
Have a good weekend.

TALON said...

Why are doctors always right when it's something bad? :( Sorry to hear that, Janna.

Weird pee colors can definitely cause mini freak-outs! :)

Brian Miller said...

hugs janna...
do you know they have chocolate covered joke...oh my...

i hope that is gets better.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Missing cartilage, whatever the reason, is never a good thing. Good luck!

Steve E said...

Expect things to get BETTER, and maybe they will!

"I've never noted
the color of my pee
unless i am peeing
on Redwood tree."

Sorry, Jenna, I didn't now you have a health problem. It sounds serious. I SURE AM sending good thought. If I knew where, I'd send you bacon wrapped around a HERSHEY BAR...


Shelly said...

Cyber chocolate and bacon on their way! Hope the docs can fix you up soon.

Janna said...

TALON: On the other hand, if you're a guy, weird pee colors make it a lot more fun to write your name in the snow.

Brian: I have indeed seen ads for chocolate covered bacon. Never tried it, though. Not sure if it would be good.

Ann: Thank you!

Steve: Is it different if it happens on a redwood tree?

Shelly: I hope so too. Thanks as always for visiting!

Shelly said...

NYC has a place called Baconery. They have chocolate covered bacon and it's wonderful. I'm also in love with their bacon chocolate chip cookies. :)