Thursday, July 25, 2013

Because it's hard to wear bubble wrap and deodorant at the same time

Things I have not yet worn while visiting the state of Indiana:

*  Skirt made entirely of Doritos
*  Pink underwear
*  Aluminum foil
*  Combat boots
*  Bubble wrap
*  Bandages

Things I HAVE worn while visiting Indiana:

* Deodorant
* A concerned expression
* Black socks, black shoes, black pants, black shirt, black jacket
* Bifocals
* A watch which is two minutes slow


Latest update on the whole knee x-ray thing:
I had my MRI this morning.
I had to drive all the way down to Indiana for a special type of MRI machine.

First time driving to Indiana!

First impression:
"Wow.  They have a lot of corn."

I'll get the MRI results tomorrow morning at 10:30.


G-Man said...

You went to Indiana for an MRI?
It sounds as if you were going to a Johnny Cash Theme Party!
Loved your Hoosier 55
Thanks for playing, you are like hitting FOUR Lottery numbers and winning 100 Bucks!
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

nonamedufus said...

Indiana wants you? You and R. Dean Taylor apparently.

Janna said...

g-man: Yes, all the way to Indiana! They have a special kind of machine there, different from the usual type.

nonamedufus: Maybe it's because I liked the music to the Indiana Jones movies so much.