Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's too hot to think of a title for this post

"What does this key do?"  Fluffy asked.

"It's called 'delete'," Purrsy explained.  "If you stand on it long enough, it erases everything the human just typed."

Fluffy purred and walked across the keyboard.  "Hey, I heard her say this thing's called a 'mouse'.  Can we make cat jokes about that?"

"No.  Everyone's heard them already."

My cats are named Honeynut and SpottyHopsy instead of Fluffy and Purrsy, but I bet everything else is pretty accurate.

You might remember last Friday I went to have my knees x-rayed.
I went to the doctor today for the results.
They found a "strange lesion" on my femur, and they aren't sure what it is.

The next step is to have an MRI, which we're having difficulty arranging because of other issues involving mobility and insurance and (*blah blah blah*).

If I have to be gone for awhile, the cats will take temporary control of the Jannaverse.  

Leave them lots of comments about Meow Mix and Friskies.

By the way, it's been in the 90's just about every day this week, I think.
Heat indices have been in the hundreds.

The humidity is like living in a construction worker's underwear. 

I'll leave you with that mental image until next time.


Brian Miller said...

i'll watch out for posts from the cats....and i hope they figure it out janna...

thanks for the mental image as well...mmm...makes the air smell that much better...smiles.

be good.

Janna said...

Brian: Yes, take a deeeeep breath... and let me know if the mental image ever goes away. ;)

Brian Miller said...

and when g gets here let him know we are 2-2 on yahtzees tonight...smiles

Janna said...

Brian: Yaaay! :)

g-man said...

Construction Workers underwear eh?
AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH my mind just got deleted!!!
Janna, your knee is giving you strange thoughts
Loved your feline 55
Thanks for playing, you are like a jar of Tiger Balm when you are
having leg cramps, have a Kick Ass Week End

Brian Miller said...

curses, he did not take my bait..
foiled again...

Margaret said...

Now, it all depends on the construction worker! Those on the tv commercials look like they never sweat. Just saying. A d the strange spot is probably the tech's finger print. (At least I hope so)

Anonymous said...

Hope things get worked out with the knee. I bet the cats will be great at keeping things under control.

TALON said...

Hope all turns out well with the knee, Janna.

I read this to my cats. They grinned knowingly! :)

nonamedufus said...

So I'm thinking you must type with your knees? Must be easy, then, to do caps. (knee-caps, get it?)

Spectra Ghostseeker said...

I love/hate cats. I have six of them. They can be either really sweet or really horrible.

Janna said...

g-man: Quinine water works even better for leg cramps! Sorry about your mind getting deleted. Hope you had a backup copy ready. ;)

Brian: Drat!

Margaret: If only it was fingerprint-shaped!

razzamadazzle: The cats are anxious to try.

TALON: For all we know, cats are secretly plotting to take over the world next Thursday. Here's hoping they do a better job than humans did.

nonamedufus: groan! Those would have to be some pretty huge keys. Like the size of a Twister mat.

Spectra: Mine too!