Thursday, July 11, 2013

See that glow on the horizon? That's me.

Two bad reasons to have x-rays done:

1.  Hoping that eventually you'll glow in the dark enough to serve as a night light, which will significantly reduce your electric bill

2.  Waiting for those superpowers to develop just a little bit faster (Yay for being able to telepathically zap mosquitoes, politicians, and kids having tantrums!)


Today's 55 was "inspired" by the fact that I have to go to the hospital for x-rays tomorrow.
(Again.  Last time it was my feet, this time it's my knees.)
I've inherited the same knee trouble my mom has, and we're hoping to pinpoint the trouble so we can at least keep it from getting too much worse.
If the x-rays don't show anything, the next step might be an MRI.

It's ok.

If nothing else, I can rest better knowing that at least my superpowers are that much closer to being a reality.

Mosquitoes, politicians, and toddlers-- beware.


Margaret said...

Awe. It is so hard to have leg or feet problems. Here's hoping modern medical technology can produce a miracle... I wouldn't mind zapping a few politicians!

If a sense of humor helps heal (as "they" say) you will be healed in no time!

g-man said...

Janna Dear
Get well soon!!!
Loved your weak kneed 55
Thanks for playing, maybe you'll be full blown Radioactive by October 30, and win every Halloween contest you enter!!

g-man said...

Have a Kick Ass Week End

Janna said...

Margaret: Aww, thank you!

g-man: Since I never bother with Halloween, I'll just start zapping people early. :)
You have a lovely weekend too.

Brian Miller said...

long as you are taking care of the politicians i wish you all the superpowers in the shot up with radiation when they thought i shattered my was cool to watch the radiation fleas jump off my arms...

hope they figure out what it is...

Janna said...

Brian: Wait... maybe the radiation fleas can mutate into being my evil minions! Awesome!

Other Mary said...

Actually those aren't such bad reasons...
And, can I give you a list of politicians I'd like zapped?

Anonymous said...

Hope you can figure out what's going on and find a way to improve it. I must say, I'm not enjoying the creaking joints as I get older.

Mama Zen said...

I'm still waiting on my superpowers!

Good luck with the x-rays!

Janna said...

OtherMary: First let's zap the tantrumming kids, then we can worry about the politicians.

razzamadazzle: So far my superpowers haven't been able to do much. Perhaps I just need to be patient. Or hang out with Spiderman more, or something.

MamaZen: Good luck with your superpowers too!