Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy and full of good things

I finally went on my picnic!
Remember this post (and this one), where I expressed a fervent desire to have a "real" picnic before I died?

Well, I did.

(Had the picnic, not died.)

I decided to go to the same park where the initial mishap occurred, so I could feel that things had been "fixed".

It was wonderful!
I had a good time.
After my meal, I did a Sudoku puzzle and then walked around the park for 20 minutes.  The scenery was beautiful, with two small lakes nearby.
The weather was perfect.  Maybe a little windy, but lots of sunshine and a perfect temperature of 70 degrees.

Here's what I ate:

*Turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, and spicy mustard on whole grain wheat bread.

*Cheez-It crackers with some Kaukauna sharp cheddar cheese spread.

*Fresh blueberries.

*Lemon pudding cup.

*Pim's chocolate orange cookies (Thank you again, Grace, for letting me know that these exist!) (She told me about them in the comments of this post.)

*Diet Sunkist orange soda
(which, I discovered, tastes remarkably similar to citrus-scented bathroom spray.)

All in all, it was a wonderful day, and I had a great time all by myself.
Best picnic EVER.


Marcia H. said...

Why don't we do those things more often?
I would have gone with Oreos, though.

nonamedufus said...

Thank goodness for sharp cheddar. I mean, really, who's gonna buy dumb cheddar?

Janna said...

Marcia: I thought about taking Nutter Butters, but decided against it. I only like Oreos and Nutter Butters if they're dunked in milk. It seemed like it would be messy on a picnic. And I guess it would've been REALLY messy, with that wind as strong as it was. The milk might have tipped over! And then I would've had to cry over spilled milk. :)

nonamedufus: Exactly. And learning-disabled cheddar tastes funny.