Sunday, May 8, 2011

Also, "Nachos Bellgrande" actually means "Egg McMuffin"

Ok, so last Thursday was Cinco De Mayo, right?

While at work that day, I spoke briefly to a customer who lived in Texas for awhile. I mentioned how it was Cinco De Mayo. The lady kind of shook her head condescendingly and said "Um, NO, dear. That's in JUNE."


Mom and I tried spending a moment explaining to her that Cinco De Mayo is Spanish for "The Fifth Of May." Even then, she wasn't convinced. Her skeptical response was "Well, apparently they do it differently down in Texas."

Mom and I gave up.

I have to ask, if any of you are from Texas, do you have any clue what this lady was talking about?



whall said...

I thought it was a measurement, like a fifth of vodka. "A fifth of mayo, please, on my chalupa."

"La cinqo de mayo en mi chalupa, por favor"

Antelope said...

Texans have a whole different calendar... like Judaism uses the lunar calendar, the Texans use the Lone Star calendar. It's based on the idea that what people do everywhere else is wrong, no matter what.

Laura said...

I wonder when they celebrate the Fourth of July in Texas.

nonamedufus said...

I'm not from Texas but here in Canada we appease the Brits by celebrating Queen Victoria Day the last Monday before or on May 24th (this year the 23rd) and the French on June 24th by celebrating St. Jean Baptiste Day. Then we all get together on the same holiday July 1st - Canada Day. Canada...the land that cinco de mayo forgot.

Janna said...

Whall: I knew you were from Texas, and was hoping you would have some special inside information. You've been holding out on me this whole time, haven't you?

Antelope: That explains a lot, actually...

Laura: LOL! Good point! :)

nonamedufus: Do any of those holidays involve poutine?

MorningAJ said...

Maybe Texas is so big that it takes a month to get there?

(I'm in the UK - what the **** is Cinco de Mayo anyway?)

Onion Girl said...

They say everything in Texas is bigger. That includes shit for brains.

Janna said...

MorningAJ: From what I understand, Cinco De Mayo is a holiday that originated in Mexico. It's celebrated on May 5 (by normal people, anyway) and involves a lot of partying and drinking.

OnionGirl: Interesting theory!