Monday, May 9, 2011

Sentences with all the words in alphabetical order

1. I just lost my sanity somewhere.
2. Don't start yawning.
3. Be careful; following geese is messy.
4. Chew on some steamed walrus!
5. Everyone left without you.
6. I don't mind vanilla yogurt.
7. Abundant comments make me pretty thrilled. (Yippee!)


MorningAJ said...

Wonderful! I need more of these.

(BTW - I'm starting to believe your 'Mondays in disguise' theory. Because today definitely is!)

nonamedufus said...

The only thing with steamed walrus is you really have to g'goo g'goo g'chew g'goo g'goo g'chew...I'm cryin'.

Janna said...

MorningAJ: If only Einstein had developed more theories about Mondays, we might have been able to prove it scientifically by now.

nonamedufus: (!!!) Groan! :)