Thursday, March 17, 2011

We need 30 cc's of a social life... STAT!

"How was your blind date last night?" asked Rachel.

"Terrible," lamented Jill. "He kept trying to take my pulse."

"What...? Why?"

"Well," Jill confessed, "my first date didn't show up, so I called 911 and waited for the paramedic to show up."

"You called the--"

"And the the worst part is, he wasn't even cute."


dustus said...

LOL Funny in the many ways it can be interpreted. Very clever 55!

Jannie Funster said...

Ah, forget the other characters, paramedics are totaly dreamy. :)


G-Man said...

Have you tried this?
And another thing, I kind of miss stories about food and trees with names and human attributes.
But even that...I LOVED your 55!!!
Thanks for playing...You are like a fully charged portable De-Fibulator hanging on the wall, after Flatlining at your favorite Rib Joint!
Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Monkey Man said...

Better than starting your house on fire. My 55 is HERE.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I might have to try that for a date!


nonamedufus said...

So the first guy didn't show up because...his seeing eye dog lost his way?

Brian Miller said...

haha...nice...but its a date right? lol

Janna said...

Dustus: Wow, there are multiple interpretations? I only thought of one. :)

Jannie: Some are! :)

G-Man: Now I'm craving BBQ ribs!

MonkeyMan: Yikes!

razzamadazzle: If all else fails...!

nonamedufus: LOL! I was wondering if someone would make a joke about that. :)

Brian: Any port in a storm!

Anonymous said...

No doubt someone somewhere has done this. Very funny.

Jinksy said...

Smacks of desperation! LOL

izzy said...

Hope she asked for his supervisor-
Heehee, good one, Thanks.

5thsister said...

Yikes! A series of unfortunate incidents I see...

gautami tripathy said...


lost in a maze

Anonymous said...

Actually, this sounds kinda familiar. When I worked as a medic, we had a couple of 'frequent flyers' who would call every week, mid-week, complaining of "chest pain" just to get a nice long (50 mile) one way road trip to the hospital.

It wasn't uncommon to field marriage proposals for at least 45 of those miles, either.

Great 55, Janna!

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Yea, it's always bad news when the paramedic's not even cute, not that I judge people by their looks.

Funny 55, Janna!

Jingle said...

lovely 55.

remarkable message,
Happy Friday.

Janna said...

avoidtheclap: Probably!

Jinksy: Indeed!

5thsister: I'm surprised it never ended up on an episode of Seinfeld...

gautami tripathy: :)

Titanium: Really? ...?!

Bubba: (*nods sagely*)

Janna said...

Jingle: It's not all that remarkable, but thank you for visiting anyway! :)

Janna said...

izzy: Just imagine the complaint forms she would have to fill out! :o

Pheromone Girl said...

I needed a good laugh today - and it's all your fault I found it! The kids think I'm a little off again... oh, well! Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Haha..very funny! :) Nice start to the weekend :)

Anonymous said...

hahahha.. I think I know why she dialed 911... in case her date did indeed show up, she would've given him a good thrashing anyway!! Alas it just wasn't her day... lol

Loved this!!!

Mama Zen said...

I've occasionally considered starting a small fire. Firemen are cute!

Doctor FTSE said...

Now then, now then! I used to be a paramedic! I was peerless. Beyond reproach. I was George Clooney's double. What more could a girl want.?

Janna said...

Pheromone Girl: Tell the kids that if they're not careful they will grow up to be just like you. That'll get em. ;)

wordsasunder: Thank you!

kavisionz: Good point!

MamaZen: LOL!!

DoctorFTSE: See? You might have been someone's date hundreds of times and just never realized it. :o