Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear world:

1. To the guy I saw walking around in SHORTS recently: It is currently winter, with temperatures far below freezing. Please offer my condolences to any body parts you happen to lose. I hope they weren't ones you use often.

2. To the pizza leftovers I plan on eating tomorrow: Enjoy life while you can. It's only a matter of time.

3. To my readers: Are you ok? Are you out there? Are you still alive?

4. To the stoplight I accidentally ran a few days ago: Oops. Sorry.

5. To all the cops in the county: Thanks for not noticing that I accidentally ran that stoplight.

6. To my cats: I'm not sure exactly WHY you left that particular item right in the middle of the kitchen floor. Ewww.


Shelly said...

Checking in. Still alive. Bum shoulder, but still alive.

Leftover pizza. Yum!

Monkey Man said...

Pulse - normal. Temperature - 97.8 (normal for me). Ability to comment - always in top form. You'll have to check on the other walking dead to find out why comments aren't forthcoming. (Ooooo fancy word.)

Janna Bee said...

I'm here!

Chudexs said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Janna said...

Shelly: What happened to your shoulder?

MonkeyMan: Thank you for the fancy words, and for checking your pulse just to make sure. :)

JannaBee: Yay! :)

Spam guy who I deleted: Hey, I'm so desperate for comments I almost kept you. Almost.

Shelly said...

I have calcific tendonitis. My guess is too much computer mousing.

Janna said...

Shelly: Wow, that sounds awful. I hope the mouse appreciates your devotion!

Shelly said...

Heh. Thanks, Janna. I hope so, too. :)

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Here. Tired. Stressed. Laughing a little, though. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

To #6, because they luvs you, imagine what they would leave if they didn't like you!

Janna said...

Shelly: Is there an effective treatment for calcific tendonitis?

MikeWJ: Hang in there.

miksplace: What a horrific thought! :0

Shelly said...

The usual: heat, anti-inflammatories, and physical therapy.