Friday, December 3, 2010

Hungry Like The Wolf... er, I mean, the Lion

Deep in the heart of Africa, Artie the lion groaned.

"My stomach hurts. I shouldn't have eaten that last zebra."

"At least you were able to distract the National Geographic people again," consoled his friends. "So far they still don't know we build campfires every night and dance while singing classic hits from the 1980's."


moondustwriter said...

Janna - you have a great and infectious sense of humor

great 55

smiles Moon

Brian Miller said...

i knew about the 80s tunes...cause the 80s rock...

G-Man said...

Ahhh Janna My Dear...
Now I can sleep peacefully tonight.
Frickin ARTIE!!!!
Loved your 55...
You are like a very tall and easy to climb Acacia Tree in the middle of the Serengeti, while being chased by a pack of non-tree climbing wild Hyena's!!!
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

That's just silly. Which is exactly why I dedicated my latest post to you.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Toooooooooooo, too funny. And fun. The Nat Geo dudes have had the wool pulled over their lenses on this. For sure.

My 55 is posted!! Here is the link for you.

nonamedufus said...

So you think the Lion's name was Dur? And after he feasted he ran, he ran?

hedgewitch said...

Tell Mr Lion every little thing he eats is magic--what an ingrate. Glad though that he sent the National Geographic folks back to their downtown trains and uptown girls.

My 55

Eric Alder said...

Ah-hah! I just KNEW they did that!

(That explains all the 80's music CDs being exported to there!)

Funny 55, Janna!

Monkey Man said...

80's?? I thought lions had more class than that. Great 55.
My 55 is HERE .

Anonymous said...

So funny! I love this.


gautami tripathy said...

LOL! I am picturing that!

astral music

Janna said...

moondustwriter: Thank you! I've never been accused of being infectious before. Maybe I should go wash my hands.

Brian Miller: They do indeed!

G-Man: Thanks for visiting! :)

MikeWJ: A post involving reindeer urine, and you thought of ME?! Pardon me while I wipe away the tears of hearfelt emotion. :) And thank you for mentioning that I'm not quite dead yet.

Hootin'Anni: The NatGeo dudes are missing out!

nonamedufus: *Groan*! LOL!

hedgewitch: Exactly!

EricAlder: The truth is out there!

MonkeyMan: *Gasp!!!* I LOVE 80's music.

razzamadazzle: Thanks for visiting! :)

gautami tripathy: Picture him doing the "robot" dance; it's even better.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha... super ARTY (I will reserve Artie for the lion!!! :)))
Now I am really curious about what tunes they dance to!! ;-)
Pheeww...still giggling..

Janna said...

kavisionz: I'm guessing they like Duran Duran and Journey. Possibly also Styx.