Sunday, December 5, 2010

Things the letters GERM could stand for

1. Gray Elephants Remain Massive

2. Go Entertain Robert's Mother

3. Gee, Everyone's Really Miserable

4. Grandma Eats Radioactive Mushrooms

5. Great Eagles Roamed Montana

6. George Eventually Ruined Mankind

7. Galileo Emphatically Refused Microscopes

8. Galactic Empires Ravaged Me

9. Gastric Effluvia: Relatively Mushy


Avitable said...

Giant Eggs with Relish and Mayonnaise

Janna said...

Avitable: I think I saw that at a potluck once. Trust me, they're not good if they've been sitting out all afternoon.

nonamedufus said...

Yeah you gotta watch out for those Galactic Empires. And thanks for the Effluvia tip. Good to know. Did you discover that when you went vegan?

Janna said...

nonamedufus: Gaahhh! You said the "V" word! We must never speak of that again.