Friday, August 20, 2010

This just in... Hot Weather Causes Bad Poetry

Humidity's evil, my friends
Causing leprosy, gout, and split ends
When the sweat droplets gush
And the temperatures rush
Up to numbers so wickedly high
Every pore starts to steam, boil, fry...
Your sweatpants can sweat on their own
Which is why you spend more time alone
Still bathing in ice cream, forgetting the cone


PattiKen said...

Oh, now that's my kind of hot weather solution. Make mine Cappuccino Swirl!

Janna said...

PattiKen: I think I'd prefer mint chocolate chip, because the minty-ness would be highly refreshing. Never mind the part about all the little chocolate bits melting in embarrassing places.

G-Man said...

Janna Dear....
You complain about the heat more than anyone on the WEB!!
Thats your perogative!
It does make interesting posts and 55's though.
Thanks for commenting from afar..
You Rock!
In fact, you are like a Whole half gallon of Breyers Vanilla, AND One spoon!! With no one else around for 50 miles
Have a Kick Ass Vacation...G

Janna said...

G-Man: It is indeed my prerogative! :) I try to stick to what I do best.
And apparently in this weather I also stick to vinyl seats.

moondustwriter said...

It does taste better in a cone though

I must be part reptile I live for hot weather
Happy 55 Janna

Moon Smiles

Push Vs Pull said...

Hello, I really loved the pattern which you follow while writing your posts. It's my first visit and I have started following you. Amazing.

Thank You

Claudia said...

..bathing in ice cream, forgetting the cone…lol
good one!

mine is here

Brian Miller said...

under the right circumstances bathing in ice cream might not be a bad thing...smiles. nice 55!

nonamedufus said...

Here we can't complain about the heat. We just spent all winter complaining about the cold.

Anonymous said...
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Eric Alder said...

Hot stuff, Janna! But don't worry - you'll achieve an eternal sense of harmonious, universal balance when, in a few months, you're writing a 55 about how cold you feel.

Monkey Man said...

Started to sweat just reading your 55. Finally cooled down in my neck of the woods, without coneless ice cream. My 55 is HERE .

Anonymous said...

I want choclate icecreme like NOW !!!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Sherbert. MMMMMMMMM. It's more refreshing. As far as being the biggest complainer about the heat, uh uh, my cousin is tied with you!

(55) Fifteen is far too young . . .

Anonymous said...

You've got the best solution I've heard yet!

RNSANE said...

While much of the country is sweltering, I am so thankful to live in my San Francisco, Pacific area coolness where it wasn't much higher than 65 today. I'm Georgia born but have lived out here, very happily, for over 33 years. When I went to nursing school at Charity in New Orleans from 1962 - 1965, we didn't even have air conditioning....gads.

Mine is at:

KB said...

I'm's freezing where I am.

Mine’s here.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME 55! And I can sooo relate to it...
Running to the freezer for some ice cream... phhheewww

Janna said...

moondustwriter: You like hot weather? My mom does too. There are days when I'm miserable and sweating, and she's actually got a blanket spread over her lap because she's still not warm enough. It boggles the mind.

Push vs. Pull: Welcome! Thanks for visiting! Imagine; all this time I had a pattern, and never knew it! :)

Claudia: It's the best way, really, since those cones can be so scratchy...

BrianMiller: I agree! Bring on the mint chocolate chip!

nonamedufus: It's ok; we can still complain about both! It's called being "complaimbidextrous"... or something like that.

Spam guy who I deleted: Please bend over so I can kick you.

Eric Alder: I can't wait!

MonkeyMan: Please send some of that cooler weather over here! I'll let you swim in my ice cream after I'm done!

ladynimue: Me too! :)

Cheryl: I like orange sherbet with hot fudge and magic shell on it. :)

Titanium: And the tastiest! Though it might not be quite as tasty after we've all bathed in it.
Let's just say those might be chocolate chips... and then they might not.

RNSANE: It always seems odd to me that San Fran isn't hotter than that. For some reason I always think ALL of California should be hot, hot, hot... and apparently it isn't. :)

KB: I'll trade you! :)

kavisionz: Save me some!