Thursday, August 19, 2010

Maybe we can call it "B2" sauce

Time for another British grocery item.
This week it's London Pub Steak & Chop Sauce.
It's in a square bottle which is shaped just like an A-1 bottle.
It tastes pretty similar to A-1 too.
It'd be good on a burger, or stirred into some sauteed mushrooms, or even as a dip for french fries.
I heartily approve.

What I want to know, though, is this:
If I was to sail/swim/fly over to London, and find my way into a real London pub, would there be bottles of this stuff on the tables there? Would they know what I was talking about if I asked for it? Would they look at me funny if I dipped my french fries into it?
(Would it be better if I called them "chips" instead of french fries?)

I started wondering why there's no American equivalent. Oh, sure, we have all kinds of steak sauces, but none named after a specific type of eating establishment in a specific place. Then I realized... Would YOU buy a sauce called "Skanky Detroit Bar" or "Chicago Hole-In-The-Wall" or "New Jersey Roadside Place Which Almost (but not quite) Got Shut Down By The State Safety Inspector Again"?

Worse yet, just imagine the sauce that might emerge from a place like this:

It all makes sense now.


Subby said...

Very tasty, yes. And I wasna aware they had a Dirty Dick's pub! I thought the Outer Banks of N.C. were they only ones...!

G-Man said...

I'm thinking it would be more of Blue Cheese Dressing type.

nonamedufus said...

Long ago a lord of the manor sat the head of his "colored" help down to a steak dinner over which he applied a dark brown liquid. The slave took one bite and with mouth full exclaimed "Wass sist shere sauce?"

Anonymous said...

Not too fond of that type of sauce, I don't like A-1 sauce much either.

Lulda Casadaga said...

I'm sure it is available in GB..I'm not into A-1 so I would not have noticed this sause on my trips over there. But I did enjoy the branson pickles stuff...this was a great post and I love the DD pic.

PattiKen said...

G-Man: Oh, yuck!

Janna: Don't know about England, but seems Scotland restaurant diners like it. You might still have to say "chips" though. Oh, wait. Do they dip the "chips" into mayo?

Take a look..

Janna said...

Subby: Surprise!

G-Man: Eeeeeewwww!

nonamedufus: (*groan!*) Hee! :)

miksplace: Worcestershire is my favorite. :)

Lulda Casadaga: Welcome! Thanks for visiting! :)

PattiKen: I used to have some friends who liked dipping their fries into mayo. It always grossed me out because I don't like mayo in ANY form. One person even liked mixing the mayo with ketchup, which in my opinion is a waste of perfectly good ketchup. :)