Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm here! I'm here! (Sort of.)

I'm back!
Sort of.

Of course, since I had blog posts all ready to drop in my absence, only the most devoted friends/fans/stalkers would have noticed I've been gone since Thursday night.
Perhaps you sadly took note of the fact that I hadn't been responding to comments.

Or perhaps an invisible marmoset who sounds remarkably like Darth Vader reminded you that there was "a great disturbance in the force" which could only be attributed to a mysterious absence of Janna-ness.

You're lucky.
My own invisible marmosets sound more like Fran Drescher, and all they want to talk about is why I keep forgetting to eat that bag of baby carrots in the fridge.

Anyway, it's about 11:45 on a Sunday night, and I'll actually be sleeping in my own bed tonight.

It's been hot here lately, and I don't have any air conditioning. When it's 80 degrees or higher outside, it's inevitably way over 100 indoors. (Really.)
Lately it's been in the 90's out there. Indoors it's been hot enough to make Mercury look like a ski resort. I can't handle this any more.

Who wants to live in a hot humid environment that is unpleasantly reminiscent of the inside of a camel carcass rotting in the desert?

So that's why I've been sleeping at work since Thursday night.
It's ok; the boss told me I could. (She also happens to be my mom.)

There's air conditioning at work.
Unfortunately, there's nothing resembling an actual bed, so I've had to get creative with leaning sideways in a chair, holding a pillow against a pile of stuff.
Tonight I'm here at home, testing the waters to see if I can stand spending the night in my own bed.

I'm so tired, I'm not even going to proofread this post, which should provide ample moments of hilarity tomorrow when I go back and read what I actually said.

If you never hear from me again, it's either because I melted in the middle of the night, or because Fran Drescher plugged up my nostrils with the baby carrots.


nonamedufus said...

Your mom makes you sleep at work? What a slave driver! Maybe she's punishing you for not eating your carrots. (Glad you're back.)

Anonymous said...

Umm, air mattress? even a sleeping bag? As much as I am not a fan of a/c and the requisite closed windows, there are times, such as these, when I am grateful for CAC.

Monkey Man said...

Knew there must be some reason you didn't comment back on my ridiculous comments. I cried myself to sleep every night in my air conditioned home.

Anonymous said...

Hotter than the devil's codpiece is how I'd describe the ho weather we've been having.

Know how you feel.

Anonymous said...
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Janna said...

nonamedufus: LOL. She lets me sleep at work because there's AC there. If only she had AC at her house, she'd let me sleep there instead. I hope. :)

Grace: I swear the place is so tiny that there is really not enough room for an air mattress. That, and the fact that I don't own one. :o

MonkeyMan: I was going to apologize til I read the part about how you have air conditioning. :(

miksplace: I hate summer SO much!

Spam guy who I deleted: Quit it or I will stuff your nose into my armpit.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I sensed a certain emptiness to both your posts and your comments, especially since there weren't any of the latter.I'm sorry it's so hot there and that you don't have air conditioning. I actually have a window air conditioner that you can have for free if you want it. It'd probably be cheaper to go buy one at Target for $100 than it would be to drive out to Colorado to get it, but you never know, maybe you'll be coming through and you'll have time to pick it up.

P.S. -- How was it that Fran Drescher got famous? Her voice is irritating, and her show was terrible. Who'd she sleep with? Or was it just that she had air conditioning?

Janna said...

MikeWJ: They only cost a hundred bucks these days? Wow. The real hurdle is actually the monthly electric bill, I suppose. If I ever become filthy rich, air conditioning will be my first splurge.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I am praying for your new-found wealth.

Janna said...

MikeWJ: Feel free to help out by sending a couple million my way. Or if you don't feel like mailing it you could always stuff it under my porch in a really big sock. Or a suitcase. Whichever's convenient.