Monday, May 10, 2010

Things the letters CARB could stand for

1. Crayons Aren't Really Brilliant

2. Cheesy Anchovy Relish? Blecchh.

3. Chirping Angrily, Rude Birds

4. Cream Accentuates Round Bellies

5. Cynical Adventurers Roaming Boston

6. Crying About Rotten Beans

7. Circles Are Really Beautiful

8. Cinderella Ate Radish Biscuits


Marilyn said...

That's true of crayons. We should sue.

Monkey Man said...

Come argue real business. Comments angrily represent bellicosity. Caring aristocracy replies briskly.

Janna said...

Marilyn: We should! I remember when I was a kid, the Crayola box said "Different Brilliant Colors".
They may have been different, but in my opinion, they did not officially qualify as brilliant. Are there lawyers who specialize in crayon law?

Crush All Round Baskets
Cobras Aren't Really Benign
Czechoslovakia's Ancient Relics Broke

Subby said...

Communists Are Rather Boring

Colonial Anarchists Rebuild Belgium

Cookies And Rhubarb Boffo!

Calamity As Rhinos Barf!

Cretins Allow Rabid Badgers

You're re-linked on the new bloggo, kid ;) I assume you dinna get my email?

Corresponding Arachnids Realign Balderdash

Janna said...

Subby: Yay! No, I dinna get your e-mail at all, apparently. Thanks for re-linking me. :)
P.S. Where I come from, "Dinna" is what Bostonians eat after lunch. :)

Subby said...

HA! Sorry; been translating Scotch English too much, lately...

Carmel Apples Rupture Badly

Calculus And RuPaul Blatant nevermind...! You really dinna wanna ken 8^O

Creepy Asparagus Retains Beets

Tha's a' fae now. Mair anon, ay?

Janna said...

Colonoscopies, Always Reading Bowels

Subby said...

Janna, just started this, heh, heh...

Colons And Rectums Boiling

Cardiovascular Atrophy Ranging Below

Cream And Radishes Brazen

Colorado Annexes Rio Bravo

Chuckles And Raisins Beefy

Marla said...

Carbs Are Really Bad

Janna said...

Subby: (**whistling awkwardly and walking in the other direction**)
Hey, how did you know about my colon?

Marla: Shhhh... you'll encourage him. :)