Friday, November 6, 2009

Just imagine if he knew about bird poop

One lonely leaf
Just an ugly shade of brown
His paranoid belief:
"There are germs on the ground!
I'm afraid to waver;
Every germ's too small to see.
Certainly I'm safer
Staying here upon the tree.
Maybe I'll forget
(Don't remind me, please)
That the wind may get me yet,
Full of some airborne disease...."


Tall Kay said...

Is this your first Flash 55? You did an amazing job! Thanks for your comments and I hope you'll come back and play again next week! Happy Friday to you!

Alice Audrey said...

Imagine if a pig should wander past. :)

g-man said...

Excellent 55 Young Lady!
Thank You so much for this fine contribution...You Rock The Jannaverse!
Have a Kick-Ass Week-End.....G

Monkey Man said...

You left me laughing. Love your playfulness with this 55. My 55 is up and HERE. It is also Fall Fiction, but more serious than my usual 55's.

smarmoofus said...

*chuckle* I think you wrote that about me. I'm so paranoid of getting someone's cold or flu. I am washing my hands, avoiding door handles, staying well clear of anybody coughing or sneezing or sniffling... and yet, it's impossible to avoid it all. I don't think I have to worry about bird poop, though. I'm pretty sure that won't get me (no avian flu for me!).


Brian Miller said...

nicely done 55. i think i know this guy. smiles.

hope you have a great weekend!

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, excellent!!!

Mine is Pepper Sprayed today. Click Here and scroll down beyond my Friday's Show n Tell to find my 55. Have a glorious weekend.

CJ said...

Loved your 55. My husband and I spent a lot of time raking leaves from our seven huge trees last week. On one tree there was only one stubborn leaf that refused to fall. I forgot to check to see if it is still there.

Check out my 55 HERE.

Anonymous said...

Very nice 55 Janna ~ I love hearing the leaves when they speak.

My 55 is posted: Flash 55 ~ Awakening

Dr.John said...

I have a relative like that.
Wonderful 55

I have finished my 55.
You’ll find it


Bubbie said...

VERY clever!!!!!!! Timely metaphor. Enjoyed your a LOT!

Anonymous said...

Don't know what "Flash 55" is but this was fun almost first thing in the morning.

enchantedoak said...

Your 55 is absolute fun! Wonderful poem and very funny. Brought a big smile to me when I read first thing this morning. Thanks for coming by mine. We're thinking alike today....

clean and crazy said...

what a clever55!! great job you definitely have a talent!! mine is up too

Marilyn said...

That was very well done.

Susan at Stony River said...

I had to laugh--that leaf is too much like me! And I love the way the title serves as almost a punchline; excellent!

Mama Zen said...

This is too funny! Very nice 55.

Fandango said...

Stupid leaf! We need him on the ground so we can track the deer for super.

Thoughtful 55

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

That's a sweet little poem, Janna. Nice to read.

Janna said...

TallKay: No, last week was my first. This is my 2nd. :)

Alice: Despite the disturbing visual, now I'm craving bacon...

G-Man: My favorite part of your comment was where you called me "young lady". Since I'm going to be 40 in January, I needed that. :)

Monkey: Glad I left someone laughing!

Smarmoofus: I wonder if swine flu and avian flu would cancel each other out, or just become twice as bad. The ironic thing is I'm about to have chicken cordon bleu for dinner... chicken, ham....

Brian: It reminded me of Howie Mandel, in leaf-form. :)

HootinAnni: I'll be sure and back away from the pepper spray when I visit. :o

CJ: If it's still there, try sneezing on it and see if it gasps in horror...

ChefKar: I like the sound of crunchy leaves blowing around on the sidewalk.

DrJohn: I wonder what your relative would think of the poem! LOL.

Bubbie: Thank you! Welcome!

Grace: It's just like the picture says... you write something exactly 55 words long every Friday. :) I tried it last week for the first time. So far I love it. Fun! :)

EnchantedOak: I believe in fun. Glad you liked it. :)

Clean And Crazy: Thanks for visiting! :)

Marilyn: Thanks. These are really fun to do!

Susan: Glad you liked it. Welcome to the Jannaverse. :)

MamaZen: This is only my 2nd Friday 55, but I've got a LOT of them written for later. I'm optimistically hoping that the vast majority qualify as humorous in some way. :)

Fandango: Shhhh! You'll make him worried about deer germs next...

MikeWJ: I tried. :)

Mona said...

That pun on the air borne disease is almost like a metaphorical conceit!

Great 55ve!