Sunday, August 23, 2009

Things the letters FLAT could stand for

1. Fried Leftovers = Almost Tasty

2. Frogs Leave A Trail

3. Ferocious = Los Angeles Traffic

4. Frontal Lobotomies Are Terrible

5. Froot Loops And Turkey

6. Fish Love Appetizers & Tadpoles

7. Fly Low; Appreciate Turbulence!


Jeff said...

Flatulence Lovers Are Terrific!

(substitutions of Leavers or Leakers are also acceptable)

whall said...

Fine! Lick a Toad!
Fred loves "all that."
Flat Liners Always Talk
Ferocious Lions Ate Terry
Film Leaves A Twist
Furfur Loathes Angel Toejam
Furry Lemurs Actually Tangled

Anonymous said...

Indeed they are...

Anonymous said...

@whall, nice!

Janna, just a few and I gotta get back to de-spamming:

Fermented Lima-beans Always Tasty
Five Llamas Avoid Truck
Freaky Looking Adnoids Terrify
Falling Ladder Avoids Traffic

Janna said...

Jeff: How very true! Flatulence makes the world go round. Especially when we all point west. (Or is it east...?)

Whall: Excellent!

Grace: I try!

Ferdinand Loved Asian Tidbits
First, Look Around Territorially
Fish, Lime, Almond, Tarragon
Factual Lies Are Tricky

Anonymous said...


Flaming Livers Are Telepathic
Fairies Love Artichoke Tea
Fried Larvae Always Tasty
Fred Looked Above Twyla
Furry Lemons Arranged Tragically
Funny Lice Audition Tomorrow
Fanatic Loses Accepts Trailer

Janna said...

Subtorp: Instead of artichoke tea and fuzzy lemons, I'd rather drink lemon tea and bury the fuzzy artichokes.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Finally Landed A Topic.

And it was a pretty funny one, too, Janna.

Anonymous said...

Janna, Fickle Lady Always Tepid-LOL! I tried one of the new Hot Pockets with the chicken and artichoke and it was actually pretty good( and I'm not one that'll eat artichokes )

Janna said...

MikeWJ: I try!

Subtorp: Hot Pockets with artichokes? Seriously? Not quite sure how I feel about that....

Anonymous said...

Janna, yeah I couldn't believe it either; but I'm one that'll try just about anything( not sure if they're in your market, tho' but not too bad )...